i have to write an autobiography for english... can anybody help me?

I have just started high school so i am a freshman.. haha on the first day of school my english teacher asked us to write an autobiography about our own life and i have know idea what to include in the autobiography. can someone please give me a good example on how to start it off.

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    Well you could write an overview of every major event in your life - e.g. from birth to the present day. You could talk about a specific event or period in your life. You could describe yourself and your personality, or focus on a single aspect. You could begin by making a timeline of your life and fill in all of the details (you'll remember more as you go on). Don't hand in the timeline to your teacher, just use it to help your autobiography. Begin by talking about yourself and giving information, for example, your age, hair colour, where you live, what your parents do, what your likes and dislikes are. He probably just asked you to do that, so he could get an introduction to his new students!

    Good Luck, I hope it all goes well. xx

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    The first piece of advice I'd like to give you is to remember the difference between "know" and "no." You have "no" idea what to write.

    Okay. As far as the autobiography, just start with the basics. Your teacher wants to know about you. Where are you from? What are your hobbies, hopes, interests? A good start would be: I am a _____person who loves to _____. I was born in _____ on_____to a family that now includes ___children, ___parents, and ___dogs (cats, birds, snakes, whatever). I have always been told that I will become a great ___ some day, but my dream is to be a ___.

    Start with that and keep going...

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