Why is the Confederate Flag still being flown?

i thought they lost right? lol

i guess news DOESNT travel fast


why would you be proud if you lost? i guess i should have kept my 10th place spelling bee trophy when i was nine

Update 2:

tickled blue- i wasnt aware of that- thanks for teaching me something new

Update 3:

Why does the KKK identify with it often burning the US flag and flying the confederate flag? how can I tell the difference if they are KKK or just old school proud good old fashion southern folks

not looking to insult just gain insight

Update 4:

heavy metal- wow thats powerful i never made that connection but your 100 percent correct

Update 5:

shj- i never said that black people have something against it and i dont care about james earls opinion

Update 6:

the timbo- because mexico is a country

Update 7:

charles- i know that, i used to live in NYC when i was a teen and I traveled upstate to the catskills mountain and I saw confed flags up there- i know they are in every trailer park across the nation

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    Some say it is a symbol of pride...though it was not the original nor the most often used version of the confederate flag....it never historically represented the CSA as a nation, It is also called the "rebel" or "Dixie" flag, and is often incorrectly referred to as the "Stars and Bars" (the actual "Stars and Bars" is the First National Flag, which used an entirely different design).

    So, this, coupled with the fact that that particular version of the confederate flag has been used to show and participate in hate and violence, the original meaning is overshadowed by the ugly meaning....technically, if we wanted to show pride in our history, we would use the original version, the final version, any version that actually represents something other than hate.

    This is the first flag version: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:CSA_FLAG_4.3.18...

    EDIT: Captain Kid: Honestly, in my state (SC), there is little difference....while the ones who raise the rebel flag are not KKK members, they generally fear, hate, are uncomfortable with, etc. black people, racial mixing, and blacks in power. They will say and believe it is all about pride in the southern states, but I have never met a white person who proudly displayed that flag AND was completely fine/comfortable with black people. Not to say they are not out there....it is just rare. Most of these people are not openly racist...they generally are very nice/polite to black people...but behind closed doors/ with friends and family, they would be the ones who use racial terms repeatedly, make blanket statements about black people--all on welfare, all are theives, etc. When talking positively about a black person, it is by showcasing something they feel that most black people can't do well....like: Well, he is an educated black man, or she speaks well for a black woman...as though this one person is the exception to the rule that all black people are unintelligent with poor grammar. Again, this is not always the case, but in the deep south it is VERY common.

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    The accomplice flag it is often flown became into no longer the flag of the Confederacy, if all of us looked at historic previous they should understand that. that's dazzling that they regard the accomplice flag as offensive and not the yankee flag. The flag commonly stated became into no longer something extra beneficial than a conflict flag so armies could desire to tell one yet another aside. It became into on no account used in the "south" previous to that. sure, it represents a factor of yank historic previous, no diverse than the colony flag or the different historic flag. you won't be in a position to forget approximately that slavery in usa started in the Northern Colonies. Or that Union states have been allowed to have slaves. as a rely of fact, those Union states saved slaves till 1865, after the Civil conflict had ended. So, they freed slaves basically to segregate them around a decade later. So, in fact, the yankee flag could be a logo of oppression, no longer basically a close-by flag. yet, there is lots propaganda and so few who see with good judgment and not raging emotion, that's a dropping conflict. Edit: @ The psychological- there has been no genocide in usa and to examine the two says lots approximately your loss of information. They weren't exterminated. Slavery became into an oppressive enterprise, and no the place did I say it wasn't, and one practiced no longer basically by way of usa, yet additionally by way of Europe. It became into initiated by way of the Spanish. in case you truthfully think of a close-by flag symbolizes a prepare maintained by way of an entire us of a (and maximum of the civilized international), think of returned. in case you do no longer basically like the flag, do no longer fly it. yet, placed the blame the place it lies. the yankee flag could be the oppressive image. Equating it to an Al-Queda flag is the two laughable. Do you have any concept why the states left the union? that's a splash, that's stated as "taxation." those subject concerns started in the 1820s. Why in the international might one us of a assault yet another over a prepare that became into allowed? As I mentioned, Union states had slaves till after the Civil conflict ended. States' rights became into the clarification for the conflict. sure, the flag does characterize a conflict for the time of usa's historic previous. A conflict that claimed the lives of tens of millions of human beings.

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    It is flown to honor the men who fought for our freedom from tyranny. The constitutional form of government died with the Confederacy.

    The K.K.K. is not just in the south. It is in every state in the union.

    Did not a single slave ship fly the Confederate Flag.

    The right of secession was once protected by the constitution. It was removed at the end of the civil war.

    Jefferson was a strong supporter of the right of secession, it kept the government honest.

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    Those that believe the confederate flag is a sign of wanting our country to return to slavery are very ignorant and ill informed. Read history and find out the true meaning behind the confederate flag and you'll learn it has nothing to do with slavery. It is those groups that have used the flag to promote their own skewed views who have painted an unflattering picture of the confederate flag. Actions of some groups do not detract from the truth behind the meaning of the flag - a symbol of the CSA and what they endured in an attempt to stand up for what they believed in (and it has nothing to do with slavery).

    Those that believe otherwise - I'll bet you also believe the myth that Washington chopped down a cherry tree, too, huh? Educate yourself and don't rely on myths and gossip to skew the true history.

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    In spite of what you believe, not all black people have something against it.

    The Slavery of the Saints

    By Dr. James Earls

    "...By the way, they took away our state song. It was written by a black man, James O. Bland, who was a slave. They said the reason they took the song away was because it says, “That’s where this old darky’s heart am long to go,” and “Massa.” They called that racism.

    Black people were called “darkies” in those days. (You ought to hear what we called each other!) Well, Bland was a slave. He wrote the song, and the state legislature picked it up and made it the state song. I still sing it. It doesn’t bother me at all.

    Ladies and gentlemen, you can’t change history to save your life! A lot of people go around with a chip on their shoulder. But I learned from my daddy years ago that if you carry a chip on your shoulder, it’s because there’s a block of wood higher up!..."

    You can read the whole thing at:

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    Wasn't the south really guilty of treason? Today, secessionsists would be charged with terrorism.

    Everyone does know the racial subtext of the flag. To deny that is disingenuous. I am of German descent. I don't fly a Nazi flag in front of my house. It is exactly an analogous situation. The South is not the Confederacy anymore. Germans are not Nazis anymore.

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    Because its the spirit that prevails. The CS Battle Flag exemplifies the resilience and dedication of the men who fought under it. Today we honor them with it.

    tickled blue: surely you must realize this is the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia? It is the most common CSA flag on the field.

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    The same reasons mexicans travel around with the mexican flag flying in their car.

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    It's part of history and it stands as a memorial for a lot of people in the south.

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    Its a symbol of pride. Many southerners like how their country men fought so valiantly for what they believe and like to honor that with flags. Its not about news. Everyone knows that war has ended lol

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