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Lg Voyager: Touch Screen problems?

I'm stuck between LG Env2 and Voyager. I'm leaning a little more to Env2 since I heard that Voyager's touch screen was "clunky" and had defects from time to time. What are you experiences with the Voyager? Does it have a lot of problems? Also, do most people have cases (since the touch screen is more prone to scratches and damages)?

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    i am a verizon worker...

    i have been thru 6 env2s in less than a mth and an half.. i had my first alias and i had it for over a year.. (april 07 to may08) then i got the env2 since i loved the looks.. omg that was a mistake (may 08 to the first week of july 08) i had 6 env2s.. and then i begged my manager to get me out of it.. so i got my glyde and i love mine and i have put this lil phone thru hell.. i even dropped it on rocks a couple of times... and it didnt even scratch it...

    now ok you wanna a POS phone get the voyager or the dare....

    lol the voyagers screen will break since it is a pressure have to press the screen and after a while the screan will not recognize the pressure and you have to press harder and harder until it just busts one day... and LG or verizon will not cover it :(...

    the glyde goes by the electricity in your fingers so it is smoother and even after the update on 08/02/2008 it is 30 times better and it has Youtube support as well now :)

    i love my glyde...

    it is pretty funny at how the samsung glyde just came out and they already have an update not even 3 mths after the phone came out... they listen to their customers :)

    Lg has had the voyager out for almost a year now and they still use the excuse our products are great. lol they even tried to pull that over my head when my first env2 broke.. i had to call LG and tell them because i was the first person ever to report a problem with the env2. :(

    lol but i see this phone as well as the dare coming in everyday for freaking problems :(

    and the dare i have sold 21 of them and they all have came back :(

    top phones on the network right now

    1. samsung glyde

    2. samsung alias.

    3. htc touch

    worst phones.

    1. lg venus

    2. lg voyager

    3. lg env2

    razors are 4th

    dare is like 5 or 6

    this is the according to the turn around rate of these phones. (which means how many that comes back for problems)

    Source(s): works for verizon
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    i have the samsung glyde and my sister has the LG voyager and the lg voyager has no problems with the touchscreen, well for me. and yes she as a case for it but doesnt always uses it case the voyager doesnt scratch easily. i would get the voyager its a great phone

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    dont pay attention to the ppl who dis the LG Voyager. I in basic terms have been given one on Sunday, and that i like it! -The touch reveal isn't undesirable, it incredibly is astonishing. it works fantastic so dont hassle approximately it. -and texting issues? Yeah, proper. This telephone has the ultimate keyboard EVER. it is so spacious and whatnot, i like it. -have faith me, this think of is like heavy duty. it incredibly is a splash heavier than the different telephones accessible, which makes it look greater stable. And as quickly as I open it up, I dont sense as though i'm gonna snap the telephone in 0.5. this is rather stable pondering I even have already dropped it few stable circumstances on mulitple surfaces...heh heh... ---i myself think of you ought to get it. it incredibly is a great telephone. you are able to exchange what font you opt for each thing to be in, you are able to decide for inner/exterior wallpapers, you are able to exchange the vibration of once you touch it and what sound you opt for it to make once you touch it. OH, and the speaker telephone is between the ultimate i've got heard on a cellular. i'm able to truly understand what the all human beings is asserting! The digicam is rather stable, even with the shown fact that it nevertheless is a digicam on a telephone so this isn't any longer the ultimate. yet yeah you ought to completely get it you are going to adore it.

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