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AC just went out had service check on it and they say it is the compressor, ok "how Much" 3K, now I do not have the money to pay that much and I would like to replace it myself or have someone just install it for me, but "I" buy it. Now if I can replace it myself that is perfect. Any suggestions on how to? how hard? Where to find instructions?

I want to just replace, I do not have the money to pay someone 3K to replace it, or 5K for a whole new unit. I don’t have the money due to (you guessed it, high home loan)

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    Sorry to say Nick you can not change it yourself, to many EPA regulations and the equipment you need is not stuff you pick up at a rental yard, Your cost to replace the compressor should be some where around $700.00 to $1200.00 depending on the cost of the compressor, much cheaper than replacing entire unit, but depending on the age of the unit, an upgrade may be more cost efective in the long run.

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    Central Air Compressor

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    Central Ac Compressor

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    Wow, 3k for a compressor change out? sounds like you need a second opinion. Most reputable a/c companies will come out and provide one to at no charge.

    Here is what you need to do.

    first you need proof. Stand there with the next guy and ask him to tell you exactly what is wrong with the compressor. Not just that the compressor is bad. It can be any number of things and not the compressor. The trick is to rule out all other possibilities before jumping to conclusions! and if it is a compressor don't waste your time with a compressor relplacement, just buy a whole new condenser for less than you might think. And i'll tell you where in a moment.

    1. if the compressor is old, it may have burnt wiring at the compressor terminal connections that in most cases be reconnected.

    2. The compressor could be grounded if not then go to step 3

    3. You could have a defective run capacitor or defective start gear. Ask the tech to check that in front of you and explain to you what type of reading he's getting on his meter. If it is a bad run cap or start gear these components can be replaced for a 150 or so

    4. you could have a stuck contactor that is not pulling in. But you'll know right away because the condenser fan motor should be running when a call for cooling is made. if it isn't then have the tech check for 24 volts at the contactor coil and show you the reading on his meter. If the contactor has 24 volts at the coil and is still not pulling in, then you have a bad contactor. Assuming the tech reconnected the low voltage wiring back to the contactor.

    5 if the contactor pulls in and the outdoor fan runs and you hear the compressor huming then the compressor is locked up and it'll need to be replaced but not for 3k more like 900-1,100 max

    Or try this site where you can buy brand new Goodman a/c equipment, at great prices. They will even deliver to your home for free. It is acwholesalers.com it is a great site



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    I would say change out the breaker. Sounds to me like he did not know what he was doing. When he said its probably bad, he should have check Ohmed out the compressor. Check for AMP draw. And checked all the terminal connections on the compressor. Even if the capacitor was bad the compressor would not run would not trip the breaker. The thermal overload in the compressor would kick out. After the compressor cooled back down it would try and restart. My suggestion is to you is to change the breaker, and I for sure would call another company and have them check the compressor terminal connections. The breaker should be a minimum 25 Amps. So pulling 20 amps is well under the rating. More than likely its the breaker, but with the age of the unit I would check the compressor terminal connections. And also the contactor for pitting / burnt contacts. Poor connections cause excessive amp draw and lead to burnt connections. I would also HIGH advise you not to keep trying to run the unit until you get someone to look at it properly. Theres probably nothing wrong with the compressor, as they dont run 20-30 mins if they are bad. So you would be wasting close to labor and parts around 2000+ dollars. Compressor are not cheap, plus there are other parts that need to be replaced, refrigerant recovered, ect. Also, once the next company comes out have them clean the unit while there there. I think he is ill advising you on that the compressor is bad. If he Ohmed it out he could tell you with 100% certainty thats its bad, and checking amp draw.

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    Im no expert but i have had some schooling in HVAC and have some experience working in the field and from what i know-unless you are very mechanically inclined and have some experience in this kind of work you really shouldnt try it on your own. First you are going to be working around 240volts. Second you are working with a system filled with refrigerant. You would have to know how to capture the refrigerant in your system and then recharge the system after you do the repairs. This takes the right training and quite a bit of expensive equipment. Gone are the days where you can just let refrigerant spew out into the air and then refill it yourself. You need a EPA certified Refrigerant License to handle or even just purchase the stuff these days.

    Other than that it does sound like they are overcharging you quite a bit for this job. What i would do if i were you is just put it off for now. Summer is almost over. Save up some cash over the wintertime. Come next spring try to find someone who does HVAC work on the side to help you out, you probably could get a much better deal that way.

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    central air conditioning compressor

    AC just went out had service check on it and they say it is the compressor, ok "how Much" 3K, now I do not have the money to pay that much and I would like to replace it myself or have someone just install it for me, but "I" buy it. Now if I can replace it myself that is perfect. Any suggestions...

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    they may be telling you its the compressor,but it might not,how do you know its the compressor?.how old is the unit?it takes a lot for a compressor to go bad,try to get at least ten different opinions,and companys.to work on ac equipment requires knowledge,of freon,pressure evacuation,brazing copper pipes type l,and putting in the right amount of freon,unless you go to a hvac school you can not do it yourself,you could kill yourself.

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    they are just trying to sell you a new unit. you can just have the compressor replaced for less then $1000. the compressors are usually around $350-$400. and no you can not do it yourself unless you have a vaccuum pump,gauges,and freon. don't let them take advantage of you. ask for a new compressor instead,if they don't want to get another opinion.

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  • would a bad compressor cause breaker to pop immediately. or is it something else, 240v unit cental air.

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