I'm having Alice in Wonderland (Gothic/Alternative) party?

Im 13 now, and Im having an Alice in Wonderland (Gothic/Alternative) party. I'm totally blank on ideas! Please help! And I live in a small apartment, so I can't have a huge party. So anything helps! Thanks.

Oh, and please don't put an answer saying, "Aren't you a little too old for a Alice in Wonderland party?"

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    Get a black light. that seems very cheshire cat-ish, and some blacklight mushroom posters.

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    well for starters u shoud dress as alice (if u werent going to already) get some thigh/knee high striped socks, those school type shoes, etc.

    wen u decorate consider using cards and chess pieces, clocks and mirrors, maybe find a painting/picture of an owl (i dont no if uve read the books or not).

    maybe find some white rabbit soft toys? and any animals like mice and birds, or set up certain animals together like a lion and a unicorn together with some cake?? and a walrus and a carpenter looking doll and some oysters??

    u could set up some sort or race thing (maybe more a scavenger hunt or clue finding activity) and call it a corcus race?

    american mcgees alice is definitly a good idea to get some inspiration from.

    u could maybe play croquet and maybe make some fun thing out of it? depends how creative u could b?

    well thats all my ideas for the moment, hope u could get something out of it lol

    if u have any pets u could maybe use them, but remember to b nice to them lol

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    I don't think your too old! I'm around the same age and I think that's awesome! Well, u should defiantly have a tea party. But instead of tea how about u have some type of soda. And for things to eat u should have a bunch of candy!

    Then a little vegetables. And everyone should dress up in costume as one of the characters, with a gothic/alternative mix.

  • 4 years ago

    probably some stuff with mushrooms and get dressed like alice a gothic alice lol and characteristic those drinks that are meant to make you larger/smaller and stuff and play that song oone pilll makes you laargerr rrr and one pillllll makes you smallll

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    What about a tea party...like the one in the movie. You could make cool little snacks....just an idea to go off of...

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    look for stills from the video game American Mc Gee's Alice; it might give you some ideas

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    If you have a cat, color it purple and put stripes on it.

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