What are the correct trivia answers for US 99.5 for Saturday August 9,2008?

Champions To celebrate the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing China Champions trivia will be all about the Olympic games. Learn about the history of the games, as well as some notable athletes who have competed since the modern games began in 1896

Jenny Thompson is one of the most decorated Olympians in history winning a total of twelve medals, including eight gold. She participated in the 1992, 1996, 2000 and 2004 Summer Olympic Games during her lifetime. What sport did she participate in? (Enter in the LETTER of the correct corresponding answer). - c) Swimming,Country Music Trivia Luttrell, TN is the hometown of:(Enter in the LETTER of the corresponding answer) - c)Both,Famous Firsts Labor Day is an American holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September to create "a day off for the working man." Congress first made Labor Day a national holiday in 1894. Who was president at that time?(Enter in the LETTER of the corresponding answer) - a)Grover Cleveland,Quality Health Trivia Check out these good-for-you grilling recipes! For 2500 Points: What food is featured? - Chicken


The Extraordinary In 1957, the Bridgers and Paxton Office Building became the first commercial building to be heated by the Sun's energy. In what New Mexico city is the building located?(Enter in the LETTER of the corresponding answer) - a)Albuquerque

Villains of the Silver Screen In the 2005 movie, Batman Begins, Ra's Al Ghul is the leader of the League of Shadows who is coming to destroy Gotham. What is the name of the actor who pretends to be Ra's Al Ghul that Bruce Wayne kills in the beginning of the movie? (Enter in the LETTER of the corresponding answer) - a)Ken Wantanabe

Yahoo HotJobs Trivia Yahoo Hot Jobs. Search Now. Get Hired. For 2500 Points: Click on View Top Searches. Under Top 10 IT Terms, what is #7? - Program Manager



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Surveys for Saturday August 9,2008(continued Part 2) -

Sex in the City Quiz II

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Update 3:

Previous trivia answers for Friday August 8,2008(by the way my question was deleted - VIOLATION NOTICE AGAIN) - Yahoo answers can bite me!

Champions Previous Answer: Antwerp FYI: The flag contains the 5 inter-connected rings. The rings, from left to right, are blue, yellow, black, green, and red. The colors were chosen because at least one of them appeared on the flag of every country in the world.

Country Music Trivia Previous Answer:a fictional rock singer created by Garth Brooks

Famous Firsts Previous Answer: a) 1885 FYI: Also in 1885, the Menches brothers, located in Hamburg, New York also stake claim to the first hamburger, theirs made with coffee and brown sugar mixed with the beef.

The Extraordinary Previous Answer: c) 4-H FYI: The YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) was founded on June 6, 1844 in London, England

Update 4:

Villians Of The Silver Screen -Previous Answer: a) Mr. Glass FYI: Price yells to Dunn at the movie's climax, "I should've known way back when. You know why, David? Because of the kids. They called me Mr. Glass!"

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    stable Morning Artist- Gretchen Wilson Deans- Six %. Milk Chugs Nascar- Aero Push Taylor speedy- a place in this international Champions- B) Dallas Cowboys u . s . a . song- B) Trisha Yearwood u . s . a . song Video On call for- C) Craig Morgan in call for Firsts- A) Jules spectacular- C) Kentucky warm Jobs- Operations Villains- B) Fish

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