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what's next for these wrestlers

what do you think is next for

1. d-lo brown

2. rhodes and dibiase

3. cryme tyme

4. big show

5. carlito

6. mr.kennedy

7. elijah burke

8. john morrison

9. the miz

10. the undertaker (after sumerslam)

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    1) Mabye a IC shot but midcarder for a while

    2) Rhodes and DiBiase- Dads interfere and they turn on each other

    3) Cryme Tyme- turn on john cena want those titles, or john cena tells batista he wonts the wwe championship and he throws a match against cryme tyme to get him a title

    4) Big Show- US Title mabye

    5) CARLITO- Quits

    6) Mr.Kennedy- Fued with mabye umm mabye Big Show who knows or CARLITO

    7) Elijah Burke- Quits or mabye fueds with Ron Killings

    8) JohN Morrison- him and Miz fued with someone

    9) Miz- Him and Morrison fued with someone mabye matt and henry

    10) Triple H or Raw

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    1. Rise In His Career.

    2. Go Cry In A Corner, And Hopefully Get Their Butts Kicked By Jerry "The King" Lawler, & "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan.

    3. Destroy Another One of JBLs Limos.

    4. Have Another Fued Against Kahli To Decide Who Is Bigger.

    5. Dissapear For 5 Years, And Go Eat An Apple.

    6. Get Everyone To Start To Like Him Again.

    7. Dissapear And Eat An Apple With Carlito.

    8. Go To The Jungle To Find More Animals For His Coats.

    9. Be The Bait For The Animals That Morrison Is Going To Catch.

    10. Keep Destroying Edge.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. D-Lo Brown- Will get a push and go after the Intercontinental Title

    2. Rhodes and Dibiase- Will go for Tag Team Gold Again

    3. Cryme Tyme- Will start a feud with Rhodes and Dibiase

    4. Big Show- Will just continue to be on a few Main Events on SD

    5. Carlito- He is starting a new gimmick and will go after the US Title

    6. Injured, will return and go after US Title

    7. Will return to ECW as a Face

    8. John Morrison- Go for Tag Team Gold

    9. Go for Tag Team Gold

    10. Start a feud with WWE Champion

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    1 decade ago

    D-Lo Brown-Probably Go For the Intercontinetal Championship

    Rhodes and Dibiase- Crying For the World Tag Champs Back

    Cryme Tyme- Go For the World Tag Champs

    Big Show-Fued with Umaga

    Carlito-Go for U.S Championship against Shelton Benjamin Turn Face

    Mr. Kennedy- Try to Go for the WWE Championship probably

    Elijah Burke- Come Back With A New Gimmick

    John Morrison-Go on with The Dirt Sheet

    The Miz-Go on with the The Dirt Sheet

    Undertaker-Get a New Gimmick

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    1 decade ago

    1. d-lo brown

    Upper mid-card jobber

    2. rhodes and dibiase

    Multi-time champions

    3. cryme tyme

    Multi-time champions

    4. big show

    Another WWE or ECW Championship

    5. carlito


    6. mr.kennedy

    Mr. Money in the Bank Wrestlemania 25

    7. elijah burke

    future ECW champion

    8. john morrison

    Future WWE champion

    9. the miz

    Upper mid-card jobber

    10. the undertaker (after summerslam)

    17-0 at Wrestlemania 25 vs HBK

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    d lo brown will probably get i c shot and win

    rhodes and ted will get beat by cryme tyme for number 1 contender spot

    big show injury(new movie)

    cartlito heat fighter

    mr kenedy us title shot

    elijiah burke will comeback and a rivarly with ricky ortiz

    john morrison rivarly between miz 2 big of ego will battle each other

    miz rivarly john

    taker title shot if he beats edge

    edge will win tho

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    d-lo will probably just flought around with random pointless matches

    rhodes and diniase will hopefully win the titles soon

    cryme tyme will probably hang with cena for a while

    big show will keep a fued with umaga

    carlito will not stay with wwe too much longer

    mr. kennedy will hopefully get a title match soon

    burke is done

    morrison and mizz will hang together for a few more months

    taker will have a mania match with hhh

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. d-lo brown ic champion

    2. rhodes and dibiase maybe tag team again

    3. cryme tyme ctc or tag champs

    4. big show needs to be champ

    5. carlito needs to be champ too

    6. mr.kennedy definetly needs to be champ

    7. elijah burke he just dissepeared

    8. john morrison ecw champ

    9. the miz ecw champ

    10. the undertaker no comment

  • 1 decade ago

    1. He will probably get a shot at the Intercontinental Championship


    3.Maybe they will get a Tagteam title shot!


    5.Released from the WWE

    6.Maybe he will get another World Title shot one day!

    7.Released from the WWE

    8. & 9.Tagteam Championship rematch against Rider & Hawkins

    10.Maybe he will go to RAW and fight Kane!

  • 1 decade ago

    1.gets a huge push as a heel

    2.become champs again or become enemies

    3.become champs or turn heel

    4.wins wwe champ and join rivalries against big guys or good guys

    5.ic champ face turn

    6.become us champ or tag champ

    7.become cw champ or contender

    8.feuds with miz-heel turn

    9.feuds with morrison-face turn

    10.become wwe champ or heel turn.after wrestlemania 24 retires

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