I'm looking at the possibility of using an insulin pump.

So far I'm looking at 3 different pumps; Omnipod, Medtronic Paradigm and the Animas 2020. Is anyone using any of these pumps and what do you think of them?

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    1 decade ago
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    I've heard great things about Omnipod. We didn't trial that one, so I dont have any personal insight.

    We have a minimed/medtronic and I love it. It's easy to navigate, and is CGMS compatible (continuous glucose monitor). Insurance companies are beginning to cover CGMS. If this is something you'd be interested in getting to accompany your pump, maybe trial minimed.

    Animas can deliver in .01 increments... this is especially useful for those who keep a very tight target range, and for little children, who take a much smaller dose of insulin. Animas also claims they're on the cusp of becoming waterproof.

    They all have individual areas of expertise. So in the end, you need to zero in on what you look forward to the most in your pump.

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    When I was ten years old (after having diabetes for eight years) I tried the Minimed and Medtronic. Both of them were awful for me and they made me never want to try a pump again. The wires were always in the way and the insertion was a hassle. This year (six years after tring the other pumps) I went through some horrible times with my diabetes so I decided to look at the Omnipod. I have been on it for a month now and don't know what I would have done without it. Insertion is quick and PAIN FREE. I would have never used my stomach with shot or a pump with a wire but the omnipod on my stomach is amazing. I can do anything and everything and I don't even realize it's there (neither do my friends or family). I suggest looking at the Omnipod.

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    Medtronic's Paradigm pumps by far are the best pumps to use. Their Paradigm pumps are also compatible w/ their Continuous Glucose Monitor which reads your blood every five minutes. Medtronic is the only provider that has the integrated technology of continous glucose montoring w/ their pumps. Also, on CBS there was a special stating in five to ten years the artificial pancreas will be completed by using the CGM and Medtronic pump which will close the loop system. Medtronic Diabetes' technology is superior which makes them the largest provider in the world w/ the best supplies.

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    1 decade ago

    I use an animas 2020, soon to change to a One Touch Ping. I love my pump since I can shower with it, go swimming and do just anything I want, non stop. After three months of using my pump, my A1c went from an 8.7 to a 5.9. No matter which pump you use, you'll definitely benefit from it. It just depends on which bells and whistles you want. Also, make sure that your pump educator and customer service people are good. They're the ones you're going to be in contact with after the sale.

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    1 decade ago

    I can say with certainty: please avoid the omnipod. It's not worth it! I had all sorts of problems ranging from the 'pod' bandage coming off, the cannula being too short (and there's only one option, short!) and coming off / leaking... one big hassle. The flexibility to choose your own infusion kits with other pumps really is the selling point AWAY from omnipod.

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