How do I get my mac operating system to run a mouse driver that is barely out of date?

My GE dual scroll ho97769 mouse came with a driver that says it is compatable with my os 10.4 mac. When I install the driver it tells me to contact the company for an updated driver. GE does not respond to emails and the phone is no help. How can I access the multiple features of this advanced mouse?

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    The trouble is most likely not your system, but the Mac you use.

    System 10.4 was made largely for G3/4/5 Macs. When Inel Macs came out, the system was made available for them. Intel based macs run great on System 10.4 but this is not true for drivers, and other applications running close to the system. Most of them where written for G3/4/5 processors and need to be emulated. This would cause the system to slowdown because every mouse movement would need to run emulated code.

    So check if your driver was made for intel based Macs.

    The mouse movement would probably get unbearably slow.

    Most likely, you will need the driver only for extra functions. Most Mouses do perfectly well without it.

    Check on A4tech ( ) to see if there is an updated driver. (your mouse is actually an A4tech device)

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    Go to the site and look for the latest driver

    It's probably done through Firm Ware (Great if it is )

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    click on your blue apple in the upper left corner

    update software see if it fixes it

    otherwise get a mighty mouse, it scrolls up and down AND left and right

    ⬅ ➨↖↗

    It is cool

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