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What happens if Russia

what happens if Russia bombs or kills the 1200 US military in Georgia? Will the US enter the war?

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    well, as russia had killed us soldiers, they would have to otherwise the u.s. would look cowardly and other countries would get the impression that they can walk over the u.s.

    If the US was to enter the war, then that would mean WW3 as russia would launch nuclear bombs to america and countries will side. Of course, britain would try and support america. China will probably side with Russia because if america defeats russia, it might target china. Poland and Israel will side with the US. And a lot of other countries will side with Russia. I would like to think a few over countries will support the US.

    My guess is that when the US start to lose, it will decide to try talk things over and end it. I guess Russia will except this offer of peace and everything will go back to normal.

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    The US now has about 120 trainers in Georgia , but if Russia does not pull out of Georgia then yes we should get involved WE should send in NATO troops and take it to a full scale war. It`s time for a third world war , we can decrease the population which provides more food and oil for the survivors

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    Source that they are still there?

    Israeli and US trainers were over there but I thought they left?

    I think IF the 1200 usa troops are still there, they'll be pulled out or kept back from the front lines. America does not care about Georgia enough to risk full out war with Russia.

    Georgia was crazy to do anything before it had fully joined NATO and the EU.... THEN it would have most likely been helped but even then, not absolutely with certainty

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    We have military in Georgia? Where in this world don't we have military? If Russia hurts our military then it could get VERY serious. Quite frankly we should not have military in Georgia. The USA has a predisposition to put its so-called Democratic nose into everyone's affairs. Enough. Pull out the 1,200 military from Georgia and let them fight it out among themselves. If Russia and the USA would clash it could wipe out the world.

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    Why is US military even in Georgia? If we stay out of Russia's affairs we can prevent nuclear exchange. We don't like Russians in Cuba, remember?

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    No one really wants to bomb your military.

    The bombing of military objects in Georgia are for disable georgians attack (including from air) S. Ossetia region. Stop this maniac Saakashvili from murdering people - and no one from your soldier will not be bombed surely -because all bombings will stop immediately.

    Yes, we, Russians do not like NATO near our borders (I do not really understand - against which treat is NATO existing NOW). Russia and USA cooperate in anti-terrorism - what for NATO comes to us? To attack? You right to say about example of Cuba -as You do not want missles near Your borders - as we do not like NATO and american anti-missle system components near our borders.

    It is simple to understand - and its give me a hope, when i'm reading reasonable posts from americans.

    Gruffy - attack end put world on global nuclear conflict? Go on...

    The First Rule of Fight Club - do You know, that Chechya is now rules by ethnical Chechenian president, and he as a chechenian people living in that region do not want "independance"?

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    be aware, despite what it may sound like from the talking heads, georgia is the aggressor in this conflict. can we really afford to align ourselves with a nation that bombs civilians?

    of course, once again it's about oil.

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    The 1200 US soldiers left last month. They are no longer there.

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    Well, we were attacked at Pearl Harbor and entered WWII, we were attacked at 9-11 and entered that war.

    I say we would if anything happend to them.

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    I hope not , I don't know if the U.S. can fight a 2 campaign war like they did in WW2

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