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Unsecured personal loan for 1500 that's not a pay-day loan?

Hey, Ive recently come into a binding situation where I am in need of a little money, $1,000-$1,500. I really dont have a credit history and I need a loan that is unsecured b/c all I really have to put up as collatoral is my car and I dont like that idea..Ive looked around and the only loans like I need are payday loans and I dont want that because Id like a monthly payment. I kow going through the bank and trying to do it that way would probably be best and getting a cosigner would probably set it in stone, however, I really dont have that kind of time. With eerything going on, so suddenly, I need it within a couple of days. If you have any suggestions it would be good. Thank you!


Okay everyone..Im nice but theres a point where I have to tell it like it is...

A.) I will put forth as much effort that I need to put forth, my dedication to this is not the issue...the pure and simple fact that I dont have the time to wait around for for 14-30 days to get the things I need taken care of, taken care of.

B.) No, I dont WANT to get a loan, it is however my last option at this very I do not feel obligated to tell every detail.

C.) I have saved up, and until this unfortunate event occured (which is also a freak thing), I was just fine. Im not an idiot, therefore its not due to my lack of financial knowledge.I know interest rates will be high..I didnt ask for low ones if anyone noticed.

D.) Lastly, thanks for the pieces of "wisdom" from you kind, blocked profile users that tell me "working from home is great"..I am not paying someone to send me surveys that take take valuable time from my increasingly busy schedule to get "credited" 1 dollar a piece.

Update 2:

On a higher note though, thank you to the one or two people that gave answers that were caring...though I already knew about what was said, I still appreciate the effort.

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    Your best bet is the bank where you are a customer or a credit union where you can join. You will probably have to give them the title to your car but that is OK. You need to get established with them and this is a good way.

    When you need to borrow money in a hurry, what you would like doesn't carry much weight. You can deal with reputable concerns or deal with flakes. Your only other option is someone who loves you and trusts you to repay in a timely fashion.

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    You cannot get an unsecured loan without a relationship with your bank. If you have been a good customer, that is your first place to go. If you have poor credit, you will probably have to secure it with a lien against your car. If you are young, they will probably want a co-signer and will definitely prefer a parent. But do this right and you will start to build good credit for the future.

    Go to your parents or a sibling and see if they can help you out.

    Payday loans are very costly and very troublesome. But it may be your last resort.

    You should have saved up more than this by now. Everyone needs a savings account or investments for their future. Get cracking! Or you have no future.

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    Expect the deal you get to be proportionate to the effort you put forth. You say you don't have much time to put forth to try to get a loan, so expect a loan with a high rate due to lack of your effort. Good luck.

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    1. Your local Credit Union

    2 American General Finance

    (They will take all house hold goods, cars, computers as collateral if you need it, and they are pretty easy to work with)

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