Is there too much pressure on girls today?

Used to be, all a girl had to do was grow up to take care of a house and be a good wife and mother. Now, not only is she supposed to be great in school, equal boys in math and science, get a degree, but she has to have a great career, earn lots of money, oh, and, if that wern't enough, she still has to take care of a house, be a good wife and mother. And if that wern't enough, she's supposed to look like a movie star while she's doing it!

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    I think the media puts that on the girls now. But It all depends on the parents and what pressure they put on the girl. My mom alway told me that she would support me in whatever I wanted to do. I am now 23 and stay at home with my children and wouldn't want it any other way. Most people think I am strange for not working outside of the home, but this is the job I want to do, and it is what is important to me. I will teach my daughter the same way, and tell her, that if she wants to work, that is her decision, but that she will get the greatest rewards if she can raise her children. Best work in the world, and better rewards than money. Plus, i don't understand why so many women feel they have to work outside of the home, if the man is making enough to support them. If they want to stay home, then stay home. If they want to work, go work. But yes, it does seem like unrealistic goals to shove onto a girl.

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    Who told you that women never used to work?

    As a social historian I can assure you that women (especially working class women) always worked and any idea of a 1950's housewife is just a stereotype popularized by hollywood. During the 40's and 50's less women worked than at any other point in modern history,however this can be largely put down to the war.

    At least women have a choice now, they have the opportunity to go to college. If individual women allow themselves to get into a situation were they alone are doing all the work at home it says more about that individual relationship than anything else.

    There has always been pressure on women to look a certain way ,but I will agree it seems worse now. I think most of that is down to the media.

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    Yeah i would agree that girls have it a lot worse the guys.

    i mean hello we have to go through labor!!!!!!

    But you know what, we are such a great species that we can tackle the impossible and do everything just like a man, still look hot, take care of children and a home, and get dinner on the table by 5 O'Clock.

    We are Amazing, Plain and Simple!


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