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Why does generators voltage drop when it is loaded with lagging pf load and rise when its loaded with leading

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    Whats that now..?? Power factor is calculated with a ratio of calculated power against actual. Anything but unity yields less than one.. If a PF of more than one is found then the calculated amount or the apparent measured power must be incorrect. You just can't juggle the numbers and get more power out than put in...also leading and lagging are numbers that correspond to phase angle or the calculation of the resultant of vector differentiation and since the word for calculated can be interchanged with expected the vector resultant of an expected amount would always be zero or no change. Now if power factor is mechanically driven ,that is bound by say a gigawatt infinitely variable resistor then you could offset unity to something below one but that would only lead to voltage drop..on the other hand if you decreased the transmission resistance to the device and compare that to the original amount a voltage increase would be apparent . This could all be calculated from experiment ..In evaluating the emf any change in resistance will lead to a voltage modification ....Well i hope that helped ya ..have a good one ..from the E

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