Basic dance moves tips?

What are some tips to do the easy things for dance? I don't really know what they are called..But things like jumps and spins? I don't know the spins, something with a P. :/ How do keep your spins to keep going, and actually land it?

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    keep toes pointed

    smile/have fun

    pirouette-spotting is the big one, and pointed feet, be on relive.

    To be a really good dancer, you must be able to dance without having to think about your steps. Your feet must learn to respond easily to the rhythm of the music; you must be able to follow without apparent effort.

    Remember -- confidence is the name of the game. And confidence comes only with knowledge and practice

    turning Tip:::

    Try using the "cup and pin" technique for the connection of hands while spinning or turning. This is done by the leader making a pin with his third and fourth fingers (preferably) and connecting the pads of those fingers to the followers hand which is cupped slightly with the thumb tucked to her forefinger (out of the way of getting caught during the turns). It is important that the follower keep her palm and wrist facing away from her and to connect to the leaders hand gently. The leader can then easily rotate her because her fingers and palm (cup) will rotate with his fingers (pin) as she turns. In order for this to work, the follower has to have a soft tone in her arm, especially the shoulder and not push her hand above her head where she can't see it. If this happens, it is impossible for the leader to tell you how many spins he wants and makes it difficult to bring the followers hand down to stop the rotation. All of this is important for good lead and follow technique.


    Daily stretching will make your body much more flexible. A big goal in dancing is to make each move look effortless. The more limber your legs are, the easier it will be to move them. Make it a habit to stretch every day.

    Wear Proper Shoes

    Each dance style requires a specific type of shoe. Dance shoes are carefully structured to protect the legs and feet and to benefit the dancer. Make certain that you are dancing in the correct type of shoe and that the shoes are the right size.


    A smile is an expression of pleasure, happiness, or amusement. If you smile while you are dancing, people will get the feeling that you love what you are doing. Even if you are dancing alone, smile at yourself. You love to dance, so let it show!

    Perfect Your Posture

    Stand up straight, push your shoulders down and back, and hold your head up. It's truly amazing what good posture does for a dancer.

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    well yes, a spin is called a piroutte. Or if the dancers leg is straight out and the dancer just keeps going and going it is usually called a pump turn, well thats what we call it anyways, and if the dancers leg keep going in and out it is called a foutee. the jump where one leg is out in front and the other is in the behind it is called a jetay. and where the two legs are both out to the side it is called a russian or a splt jump. as for how to do them, well you will need flexibility, so work on your splits. just keep doingthem each day. and then For spinning you need to squeeze all your core muscles and straighten the leg your spinning on. hope this helps!

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    For pirouettes, you definitely have to learn how to spot...whether you're doing pirouettes or chaine and other traveling turns. You basically find something at your eye- level that is stationary that you can fix your gaze on. Then, when you spin, you rapidly turn your head and find your spot each time. This will help with your balance and control, and to keep you in a straight line when traveling. With pirouettes, you need great balance... instead of actually turning, try just getting in your preparation position (usually one leg forward and one back, in plie) and just spring up into pirouette position, without actually turning. Do that over and over to practice balance and getting a good spring up into your position.

    For jumps and spins overall, just practice good posture, pointing toes, strengthening your ankles and calves. It's always important to have a strong core which means strengthening up your stomach and back muscles.

    Source(s): Former dance teacher and choreographer
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    Spins are called Pirouettes. My dance teacher told me to look at something while I spin, like a picture or something in front of me. Then, I look at it as long as I can before my body is too far, then quickly turn my head back to looking at the chosen object. This prevents dizziness.

    To land them without wobbling, just make sure your dancing shoes are on correctly, and stay focused.

    Make sure to keep stretching and eating healthy.

    Good luck!!

    Source(s): Advanced Dancer 8+ Years
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    the "spins" are called pirouettes. you have to prepare and start turning but once you start turning you have to spot a place in the room. you have to get enough power and eventually you will get a single or a double. you can have your leg up in passe which is like it is attached to your knee but out to the side. or you can also have it in coupe which is where you put your foot down on your ankle. i really hope i helped i am not very good at explaining stuff.

    Source(s): 10 years going on 11 of ballet
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