Who started it ? the war in Georgia ?

I am getting confliction answers when I research on the net...

Please list your source of information

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    It appears that Georgia launched the first major offensive of the conflict (against South Ossetia): http://www.france24.com/en/20080807-new-fighting-e...

    Georgia claims this was in response to Ossetian separatist attacks on its forces. http://edition.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/europe/08/08/geo...

    Many people living in South Ossetia are Russian citizens and Russia had peacekeepers stationed there as well. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/aug/08/georgi...

    Whether or not this was Russia's actual reason for getting involved, it is the nominal reason.

    The roughly, is the immediate history. Going further back would probably be much more complicated and you would likely find a much more muddled picture, a tit-for-tat amongst the groups involved that goes back to South Ossetia initially winning autonomy from Georgia in 1992.

    How one views the rightness or wrongness of the sides involved will largely depend on whether one thinks that peoples have a right to self-determination. That is, does a population with a distinct ethnicity and culture have a right to determine their political status or do the rights of a recognized state trump the right of regions to self-determination. If you, like me, side with the right of peoples to determine their political status, you will likely be more sympathetic to the South Ossetians, seeing their struggle as a valid independence movement. Of course Russia is using a double standard here, as it has ruthlessly quashed independence movements elsewhere, most notably Chechnya.

    If, on the other hand, you see the right of recognized states to maintain their borders, like for example McCain does, you will likely see the South Ossetian movement as illegitimate, or even criminal. Whether you see the Ossetians as terrorists or freedom fighters will shape your view of the legitimacy of Georgia's actions against them, and consequently the legitimacy of Russia's reply to Georgia's actions.

    You can also check out the wikipedia article on it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Ossetia_War_(20... Don't trust what the article actuallly says (I found several inconsistencies and when I was checking the references I found numerous references which didn't actually state what wikipedia claimed they did). It has, however, an extensive reference list that could help you find out more.

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    Georgia did not attack Russia. They attacked an independent province of Georgia that did not belong to Russia. Although many individuals there were Russian, it was not part of Russia. This was simply an internal affair within Georgia boundaries and Russia chose to become involved. There have been border conflicts between the three areas for over a decade. Skirmishes have been happening ever since their independence war of 1992. Each side keeps saying it was the other one who started it. Its just like the Palestine/Israel conflict where they continue to attack each other because one side believes the other attacked first.

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    The Russians will say Georgia started it and the Georgians will say the Russians started it.

    Regardless, there has been growing hostilities between the two countries for a long time. It was just waiting for a spark.

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    RUSSIA started, cant u see that

    why would a little country like Georgia start a war agains russia, it doent even make a sence, and for sure South Ossetia would not even dare, if not the support of russia!

    Russia has been planning this military action against Georgia long before, it even started by giving pout Russian passports to the conflict zone, besides noticed how quickly their tanks started to roll in? it was as if the tanks had been stationed along the border, and couldnt want any better excuse to send their troops in the territory of georgia.

    BESIDES Russia is bombing not only the territory of south ossetia that it already controlled by the Georgian govenrment, but also civilians dying in and outside of the conflict zone that are bombed by russians. russian aircrafts flying over Georgian towns miles away from the conflict zone and even bombed strategic places like pipeline, port some towns etc...

    Now some1 has any doubts its any1 else then Russia who began it all?!

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    The Georgian party has officially declared the beginning of military actions concerning not recognized republic South Ossetia. On Thursday in the evening Georgia has refused from declared before the unilateral moratorium on firing and has begun storm of Tskhinvali.At present the center южноосетинской capitals is fired from different directions, burn tens buildings and houses, including a building of the government of republic, the electricity is disconnected, the street Hetagurova is completely destroyed. On preliminary data, victims of bombardment of Tskhinvali of steel of 15 peace inhabitants.

    " The Georgian party has called ordering peace-making forces Марату Кулахметову and has declared that begins war ", - has informed the representative of the State Committee according to and press Майя Харебова

    " Storm of Tskhinvali " has begun, - the chapter of South Ossetia Edward Kokojty has declared. " Tskhinvali is fired from installations " the Hailstones ", howitzers and large-caliber mortars ", - it has added.

    Besides as informs agency " News-úÓÒº¿n ", armed forces of Georgia have borrowed six villages in a zone of the úÓÒº¿¡«-ossetic conflict, completely having superseded from them juzhnoosetinskie formations.

    On approaches to Tskhinvali armed forces of South Ossetia have entered direct contact with the opponent.

    " There are fierce fights. To the enemy it is put oshchutimyj a loss ", - the president of South Ossetia Edward Kokojty has declared. " The city is stormed with the Georgian armies, the city is bombed, - has told Kokojty. - Our armies keep confidently, defense of city is strong, fight severe, and the Georgian party already sustains losses ".

    Meanwhile, as informs "Interfax", the Georgian divisions yet did not manage to enter into capital of not recognized republic South Ossetia.

    The ossetic party undertakes measures on suppression ognevyh points of the Georgian army around of city. Above city the Georgian warplanes but while bombardments from air are not present are noticed.

    The Russian journalists continue to work in Tskhinvali, and they did not address to peace-making forces with the request for evacuation. Hundreds volunteers from Northern Ossetia and Abkhazia were put forward to South Ossetia.

    " Georgia has declared war of South Ossetia. The massed artillery bombardment of the peace population, old men and children from jet systems zalpovogo fire "Hailstones", and also instruments and large-caliber mortars is conducted. On approaches to Tskhinvali there are fights. The majority of shells are broken off in city centre. Is killed and wounded men, but them cannot deliver in hospital yet.

    " People of South Ossetia addresses to a management of the Russian Federation with the request to take immediate measures on protection of the citizens as Georgia has headed for utter annihilation of ossetic people. People of South Ossetia also addresses to the international community with the request to take urgent measures on protection of peace population RJUO against the Georgian aggression ", - is spoken in the application of committee.

    " The given actions of Georgia can be regarded only as perfidious. They agree about one, promise to stop fire, president Saakashvili guarantees it, certain arrangements are reached, And later all some hours begin the open military actions ", - has told Priests, having added, that for it similar actions of Georgia " simply do not go in ".

    The Russian militarians have entered fight only after their staff was fired with tanks of Georgia. The Georgian militarians severely killed the wounded Russian the soldier. Soldiers of Georgia killed peace inhabitants shooting it in a head.

    As a result of bombardment by the Georgian rockets of peace cities and villages 2000 peace inhabitants have been killed. The Georgian snipers fired at machines of physicians and journalists.

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    Gergia Buch..

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    Actually, I did, and I'm very sorry!

    Seriously, though, both sides are blaming the other.

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    The big question is who will end it?

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    the sources are all compromised

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    Russia, obviously. Even the separatists say so.

    Georgia is just a little country... Russia is one of the biggest countries in the world, and wants more land around the black sea. You do the math. They probably want poland back too. Never trust a russian......

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