How long do i have to be a resident in pennsylvania to go to penn state university

I was wondering,cause I'm now looking to apply for colleges,please help!

much appreciated.

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    You can go to Penn State University even if you don't live in Pennsylvania. You just have to pay the nonresident tuition if you are not a resident. These are the Penn State system's rules:

    In order to qualify for Pennsylvania resident tuition, students must meet State System of Higher Education criteria as summarized below:

    Continuous residence in Pennsylvania for 12 months prior to registration.

    U.S. citizenship, formal declaration of intent to become a citizen, or admission to the United States on an immigrant visa. A nonimmigrant visa (tourist or student visa) is not proof of intent of residency.

    Pennsylvania residency by parent(s) or guardian(s) of students who are minors. The age of majority in Pennsylvania for establishing an independent residence for tuition purposes is 22. A minor may, however, prove financial emancipation and independence through clear and convincing evidence.

    A United States government employee or a member of the armed forces who was residing in Pennsylvania immediately prior to entering the government service and who has continuously maintained Pennsylvania as his or her legal residence is considered a Pennsylvania resident. Others in military service stationed in Pennsylvania are considered Pennsylvania residents.

    A student receiving a scholarship or grant dependent on residence in a state other than Pennsylvania is not considered a Pennsylvania resident.

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    1 year - but that also means you must have documented proof that you are financially independent from your parents, as well as an established residence (as in an apartment or house, not a dorm room)

    You also have to have other things changed, such as your driver's license, license plates, etc

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