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Is there any real difference between Geico and State Farm auto insurance?

Will I get better protection from Geico? Or State Farm?

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    If the coverage limits are the same, then the protection SHOULD BE the same. But, there are HUGE differences between State Farm and Geico. State Farm is a well established company that offers many lines of insurance and bank products. It is also known for its fair claims service and friendly and helpful customer service. Geico, on the other hand, is known for a lizard. I have heard horror stories about claims practices. Ask a body shop their opinion - would they rather work with State Farm or Geico? Bet they say State Farm.

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    You will get the same protection from either company. Both are A+ Rated (or better) I believe so it boils down to price, policy features, and whether you want an agent to talk to or a telephone number to call.

    I can't speak on rate between the two since Progressive beet out Geico on auto insurance and my only dealings with State Farm have been with Renter's Insurance.

    Never talked to an agent in either cases (web application or their assistant.).

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    there is huge difference! State Farm has amazing customer service and awesome rates - I only pd $36 a month for driving a camaro when I was 18! State Farm gives me full coverage on my husband's motorcycle for $17 a month...Geico wanted almost $300 a month for the same amount of coverage! I've been with state farm my entire life, and I don't think I will ever switch companies!!!

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    Geico is national so it's impersonal. State Farm has local offices and is much more personal. They will be there for you at any time and are familiar with the local tow-trucks, garages, and auto-repair shops in your area. Geico will waste your time having to do a national search based on your zip code. How impersonal is that? I wanted to be treated like a neighbor, not a number and so I've been with State Farm for 21 years. No regrets. I did check with Gieco however, just to see if they could save me money like the commercials tell you to do. They couldn't.

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    They both are terrible. SF has more complaints against them than Gieco. Both are at the top of the worst insurers year after year. Allstate, Progressive, Farmers, Travelers also not so good especially Allstate. Do your homework, go to your states division of banking and insurance for real and objective data on insurance companies complaints and see for yourself which one looks best for you. A good rule of thumb is: If a company is advertising like crazy, stay away. You buy insurance for protection when you need it, not for a catchy line or jingle.

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    definately. state farm is the best insurance company i have ever had. they are always there, and super rates. i have no deductables, and have full coverage, towing, rental, etc. and i pay about 120 a month.

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    Geico has gekos and cavemen.

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    Chris Reynolds and Dave Roberts asked the same question. You should read their answers side by side.

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