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How can you really clean out your computer for more disk space

I keep getting the message popping up I have low disk space. I clean out my cookies, temp files, defrag and I seriously don't think it does squat. Is there anything 'I' can do myself to really clear it out and make more room. I know I have a lot of stuff on here I don't need but I don't know what I can actually get rid of. I also uninstall stuff I don't use but I'm sure there is more I could uninstall it's hard for me to tell if I really need them as to some of them have like 3 things to go with it.

Can anyone suggest anything to me? Or is this something I can't do myself?


Ok what all of you are saying to do I have already done which you would have seen if you read it.

*If there isn't anything more I can do, just say that instead of restating what I have. Thanks.

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    How big is your hard drive? Do you have more than one drives?

    Here are few things you can do:

    1.Uninstall Programs.

    2.Get rid of program components that you do not use (e.g. PowerPoint from MS Office or Wave Editor in Nero)

    3.Remove unused User accounts.

    4.Delete the files you don't need (use tools like "Sysinternals du" to list space used by directories and sub directories, that way you can easily find big culprits)

    5.Empty recycle bins (If you have file recovery programs like Norton Protect make sure you empty those files first)

    6.Run Disk Cleanup tool and choose all except file compression option. Also in another tab click on delete old system restore points and then click "Ok".

    7.Run Defrag Tool. Run Sysinternals’ Page file defragmentation tool.

    If you have multiple drives and space problem is on your system drive then some additional things you can do:

    1.Use tool like Norton Partition Magic to increase the space allocated to the system drive.

    2.Move page file to another drive (preferably on another disk).

    3.If you do not use hibernation then disable it.

    4.Try to uninstall some programs and install them back to another drive.

    Do not keep your personal files on the system drive. Get rid of all the files from My Documents folder. Move them to another drive, if you really need them.

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    You can try and select "Disk cleanup" and check all of the options. This is found under Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Cleanup You could also remove data by copying some of it to DVD and then erasing it on the hard drive. If this isn't enough then there's not much more you can do easily.

    Buy a second internal hard drive. Have someone help you install it. I'm sure you can find someone to help you. You should buy another hard drive at least every 3-5 years. It won't last forever. Put the operating system on the new Hard drive and transfer all of the files you need to the new drive. Once you feel you have transferred everything you need over, you'll be "safe" if the other drive crashes. This may take a week or two (take your time) You could then erase the old drive and re-transfer only backup data back on to the original drive.

    An even easier solution would be to buy an external USB Hard Drive. You can buy 320GB for $89.

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    If you're running Windows XP, I would first suggest turning off System Restore unless you actually use it often. I've found the utility to be more bothersome than help full. Depending on how much size it is told to handle, it could be using 1.5 to 3 or 4 gigs of your hard drive.

    To turn off System Restore, Right click on My Computer, go to properties, click on the System Restore tab and check in the box to turn off system restore and apply and OK everything.

    Next you to can through the Add Remove programs tool and remove software that you dont use. If you've done that, walk through your My Documents folder and remove unwanted videos or anything like that. Its easy to end up with a few gigs of pictures and what not. If you don't want to part with some files, burn them to CD or back them up on USB memory sticks.

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    Can you back up allot of what you have on a CD? So it can be deleted on your computer and maybe freeing up some space? You could start saving stuff as you work and sending it to a formatted disk on your E:> drive. Just label your disks to correspond to the topic you are working on. This way you could pop these disks in as you work on different things and can keep track of them.

    The best thing to do if possible, is to completely reload your system from scratch. Get a larger hard drive and maximize your memory.

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    Run Disk Cleanup, Defrag, run a spyware removal program, and delete unwanted programs and files. You could also burn backup discs of your important information. That way you have a copy that doesn't necessarily have to be on your computer all the time. Good luck!

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    To gain more memory, delete as many unused programs as possible. Many, such as computer games, take up a ton of memory. Also, delete files that you don't need. But if you do need them, copy your files onto a CD, or USB. You can also buy more memory space with memory cards at Staples, Office Depot, Best Buy, etc.

    Good Luck!

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    Deleting everything in your recycling bin. Delete big files like videos, and songs. Look in your control panel and click on add or remove programs and delete ones you don't use anymore ( only delete ones you know what they are ). Usually when those popup messages come you can click them and they'll do a bit of cleaning for you.

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    By deleting unwanted files

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    buy a second drive :P

    i would say just delete programs that you don't need nor use. it's under Add/Remove Software in Control Panel.

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    you can go to start>all files>accesories>system tools>disk cleanup. that might help. or you could try to find things in my documents that you dont want.

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