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Where can I get a costume to be Silk Spectre from the upcoming movie the Watchmen?

I know they probably don't have a premade costume ready but where could I find the bodysuit... I know I have boots and could find the gloves, but the yellow and black suit is what I'd want. Here's what she looks like:

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    The Comic book version is a lot easier, as it's basically a fancy one-piece swimsuit with a transparent dress over it and a purple belt around the wasteline.

    If your set on the movie version, you'll have to contact a costume maker and have them actually make a custom one for you. This would be expensive, but would guarantee quality.

    However, you might try to find one of those skin-tight surfer bodysuits and mess around with that. You know, like paint it and cut it to the desired shape. I don't know what to tell you.

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    It was designed for the movie, based loosely on her costume in the you will not find it at a store (lol)

    But, if you are really interested-

    The costume in the film is latex.

    Cheaper materials are not going to look "right" and will not be able to accomplish the transparency of the yellow on her suit. However a "rubber look" spandex would be much cheaper than latex and if you are a very good seamstress you could make it yourself.

    Thigh high boots or silk gloves will look reaaally silly, unless you are wearing the costume to take kids trick or treating.

    For total accuracy you would have to have the entire ensemble made custom because the gloves and thigh highs are attached to the body suit. That kind of work in latex would be many hundreds of dollars or more (latex thigh highs alone usually run upwards of 170$ online, an artist would probably want 700$ minimum for the outfit) .

    Source(s): No sites, I just make custom costumes/clothing, and have worn latex/used for years
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