Did Jesus found the Catholic Church ?

When a Catholic opens their Bible they will never find Jesus in or near a Catholic church. When they open their Bible they will learn that Jesus was not a Catholic and was not the founder of the Catholic religion. They learn the word "Catholic" is not in the Bible. They then learn the Catholic church took up the name "Catholic" from Latin which means "universal." The Catholic church claims it is "universal" or world wide. It claims it is the oldest and ONLY WORLD WIDE RELIGION OF CHRISTIANITY STARTED BY JESUS CHRIST. When Catholics discover this is false, that Jesus started a Jewish religion, they soon learn the Catholic church is not Jewish at all but is Gentile owned, Gentile operated, and a Gentile controlled business enterprise whose product is paganized religion. When Catholics open their eyes and see that the Catholic church has adopted many pagan and heathen celebrations and practices and adapted these to Christian teachings, they know they have to leave. No, they know they have to run! It is right here, they know Jesus Christ was not the founder of the Catholic church. Because Jesus would not start a Church and then allow the gates of hell to conquer it by adopting pagan religious practices. No, Jesus would keep his Church pure and free from all evil and sin. The Catholic church is not such a Church. Jesus was not the founder of the Catholic church .

Is this quote correct ?


Bren.... Was not Alexander the Great Greek & long before the time of Jesus ?

Update 2:

Testa Sifone ...There is nothing wrong with debate about religion , in fact it can hone the knowledge of all involved .

When someone says i have very little understanding it just proves they have a closed mind , those who answer to correct me , wrong or right teach me something & maybe i teach them something , I have no hate in my words.

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    You are absolutely right in saying that the Catholic church was not founded by Jesus...because it wasn't, it was founded by people. Jesus was a Jew, However, he did not start the "Jewish" religion. That existed before him. However, Jesus gave the people he taught a new idea of how to live. After he died, people wanted to use His teachings as a new religious mentality, hence "Christ"ianity or "Christ"ians came about. Notice also, in the Bible, Jesus rarely talked about church. He did however, talk about building His church (which could also be interpreted as a belief system) on Simon Peter. Peter means "rock." So Peter was basically the foundation (or start) of the "Christian" mentality or religion.

    Secondly, Catholics are an off-branch of Christianity. The Pope for example. His name means "Papa" or "Father" However, the bible says that you should only call 2 people father,

    1. Your Parent

    2. God

    That's it. The Catholic church mentality is that the Pope is thought of as a "God on Earth" which my family and I do not see as so, due to the fact that the Pope was not chosen by God, or Jesus, nor the Holy Spirit, however, chosen by man.

    Thirdly, yes, many Catholic churches used pagan ideals in order to convert them into the church. Such as the "Christmas tree" and

    "The Easter egg" and the "Easter Bunny." This has made the Holidays way too materialistic, and has caused people loose grasp of what the holidays are really about...The Birth of Jesus Christ and the death of our Savior.

    Your statement, "When a Catholic opens their Bible they will never find Jesus in or near a Catholic church" is very sensible, considering there was no "Catholic Church" back then, there was just Jewish synagogues and the Jewish Temple. The church didn't come about until a few hundred years after Jesus's death.

    I consider myself just "a Christian" and follow the teachings of the Bible. As for going to church, I do not believe it is necessary, nor does the Bible say it is necessary. In fact, Jesus says in Matthew 6:5-6:8,

    "And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synogogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have recieved their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. And when you pray, do not keep on babbeling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of many their many words. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him."

    Jesus would have wanted his church to be free of sin, yes, however, that's just not the world we are living in. That does not mean, however, that people in Christianity cannot be sin free. They just need to put forth effort and pray to God that he guides them through life.

    Hope this helps,


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    As far as fully i would say the Catholic Church, however, to prove this would take way too long and there would not be enough room on here because i would need to show you each section of the Catholic church in the bible and its all over the place.. especially in Revelation which describes the Mass. Even the Bible itself describes the mass. there are two sections of the bible old and new testament the old testament is all about teaching scripturally, knowing the law and preparing the way for Christ just as in the Mass with the Liturgy which is where we get the readings and preparing for Jesus to come. The new testament is like the Eucharist the second half of the mass because Jesus is fully present (body and blood of Christ int he Eucharist) its all about Jesus and partaking in the last supper aka marriage feast talked about in Revelation.. tahts right we partake in it every sunday at least in the catholic church. From there: (this is if a baptism is performed that day) greeting the child being baptized is introduced and baptism is described of its importance (The Flood and Red Sea stories are precursors) Then its the teaching of God's word or the laws, 10 commandments.. so you'll see readings from old testament, new testament etc. Then next in the mass/bible; we praise the Lord in song.. aka The Psalms! Second HALF (new testament/Eucharist) this is where (if a child is being baptized) the child is actually baptized and presented to the church; in the bible this is when Christ is baptized (notice He didn't start His ministry until he was baptized) next, Jesus is ushered in to Jeruselem with great celebration with the people stating 'Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord' this is also true in Mass where we since or chant 'Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord' Then the gifts are brought up along with Jesus in the bread and wine and we re-live the last supper. Then we show the sign of peace ( to forgive eachother our sins because we must be holy to partake of Christ ) Then we state that is only through Christ that we can receive Him and His kingdom. (Matt. 8:8 - Lord I am not worthy to recieve yo ubut only say the words and i shall be healed ) Then we go up and recieve Christ/ the tree of life/ realize Christ fully (The two disciples take in a stranger and only when this "stranger" breaks the bread do they realize that it is Jesus (read the end of Luke) Lastly, the Passover is now the Eucharist.. in the Passover it was a memorial - not to just remember - but when they did it they believed that they were actually there during the event fully reliving it not just remembering it.. same way with the Eucharist - we are not sacrificing Jesus again and again but rather re-presenting Christ and reliving what He did for all of us. it is quite beautiful. Anyway.. this is just a very small start.. but there is so much that i can show you guys maybe this helps maybe not. interesting none the less.

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  • 4 years ago

    When one is looking for answers to a question about the Catholic church it should be answered by a Catholic not a protestant. I'm sure the Catholic church knows it's own history better than a protestant. The church is 1500 years older. Cathaloc isn't in the Bible. The Bible was written in Latin. The Latin word for Catholic leans church of all people. Please stop humping up answering questions you're not qualified to answer. Thank you

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    Why the Roman Catholic Church s “Come home to the Catholic Church...the church founded by Jesus Christ.” campaign is a lie. Watch video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQVyZ74HmiA

    The Romans hated Christ, executed Him, and made His religion illegal for 300 years. Christ never founded any Roman state (Catholic) church

    Joseph Ratzinger (pope) quit his first seminary because they conceded that there were two separate and opposing Christianities in the second century. One was the Jewish Christianity of Jesus. The other was the Roman gentile Christianity of Paul. They noted that “Paul was indifferent to the teaching of Christ, and was the opponent of the religion of love Christ came to announce to the world.”  The Catholic Encyclopedia

    The church is forever embroiled in controversy because when Roman Christianity was founded in the 3rd century the Romans forced two opposing theologies together. Just like oil and water, they can be mixed, but it will always separate. They re incompatible.

    "When Constantine became Emperor of Rome, he nominally became a Christian but being a sagacious politician, he sought to reconcile, blend and mesh Pagan practices with Christian beliefs, to merge Paganism with the Roman Church. Christianity was the last great creation of the ancient Pagan world. The Mithraic ritual so closely resembled the Eucharistic sacrifice of the Mass that Christian fathers charged the Devil with inventing these similarities to mislead frail minds.”


    Before Christ, the ancient world lived in constant fear of their vengeful pagan gods. Christ denounced that fear on the Mount proclaiming that God was a god of love, and that He only asked us to love one another. So original Christianity was a Jewish sect of brotherhood. Rome hated it and executed anyone who professed the faith for three hundred years.

    In all that time, original Christianity had no judgment, Satan, hell, Easter or Dec. 25 Yuletide. These were all pagan traditions added by the Romans after they commandeered the religion and remade it into the “Roman Christianity” of the modern church. Many boomers have figured out that the church’s hell-fire threats were pagan and not the teaching of Jesus Christ.

    This is why Paul s Roman church (Catholicism) is the opposite of “the religion of love Christ came to announce to the world.” The Church needs to stop lying that Christ founded their church.

    Brad O Donnell odonbrad@gmail.com

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    Yeshua (Jesus Christ) was born a Jew, lived as a Jewish Rabbi, and was crucified as the King of the Jews. Although the word Catholic was not uttered by Jesus, He left teachings and a lifestyle His believers called "Christ-like" or "Christian". "As for the church He founded, Jesus used the word church twice in the gospels, both in Matthew. He said, “I will build my Church” (Mt 16:18). He didn’t use the plural churches as though He were building a subdivision; nor did He imply it would be an invisible church made up of competing groups. He was going to build a visible, recognizable church. And in Matthew 18:17 Jesus said that if one brother offends another they were to take it to “the Church”. Notice the article “the” referring to a specific entity. Not “churches” but one visible, recognizable church that can be expected to have a recognizable leadership with universal authority. One can see the sad state of “Christendom” today by comparing Jesus’ words about “the Church” with the current situation. If a Methodist offends a Baptist, or a Presbyterian offends a Pentecostal, which “church” do they take it to for adjudication? This alone demonstrates the problem when 33,000 plus denominations exist outside the physical bounds of the “one holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.” Jesus expected there to be one universal, authoritative, visible and Catholic Church to represent him on earth until his return. Just before he was crucified, Jesus prayed not only for the universality and catholicity of the Church, but for her visible unity: “[T]hat they may all be one; even as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be in Us, so that the world may believe that You sent Me. The glory which You have given Me I have given to them, that they may be one, just as We are one; I in them and You in Me, that they may be perfected in unity, so that the world may know that You sent Me” Jn 17:21−23." Steve Ray

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    Absolutely NOT. He would have absolutely CONDEMNED that church for praying to Mary and their so-called 'saints'. He would have abhorred their claim that communions becomes His actual body and blood.

    Furthermore, he would shut that church down for lying and claiming that Peter was the rock and the first pope.

    I Timothy 2:5 reads "For there is ONE God, and ONE Mediators between God and men, the man Jesus Christ. That makes their prayers to Mary become blasphemous.

    That church makes many claims that are downright demonic. Revelation 17 exposes it as the Harlot who commits abominations.

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    • Nubia2 years agoReport

      If the Catholic church wrote the bible why would they write,"Do not call father no man on the earth" Matthew 23:9...dont they call "Father" to a simple man? Not even Jesus who was the SON of GOD allowed himself to be called Father only master who His father & our ONLY father is in the heavens above

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    3 years ago

    When Was Roman Catholicism Founded

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    Do you not know that your body is the temple of God? The Body of Christ will come from all Christian religions and not just the Catholic Church.

    The main important thing is - Do you know Jesus? Forget the church and start focusing on the Lord. The worst thing Christ can say to any of us is - I never knew you. Without Jesus, you are lost and going to hell and no church can save you.

    If you want to know what your church should be like, read the Book of Revelation, the first 3 chapters.

    I have many Catholic friends who love the Lord who really see the bad tradition in the church. There will be all Christian folks in heaven and their Christian religion has nothing to do with their knowing Christ. Jesus said you must be born again.

    Without the Holy Spirit within us, we cannot know Christ. It is the Holy Spirit who teaches us all things concerning Christ. We can be very theological and very religious, but without Jesus you practice religion in vain. Christ makes Himself known to us and Christ says, "My sheep hear My voice."

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  • Amy
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    1 decade ago

    No, this quote is biased and uses inflammatory language. The Christian church was originally just the body of believers. It was not called "catholic" until Emperor Constantine convened the Council of Nicea in 325. The council came to a consensus on doctrine for the church at large. The purpose was to decide on a universal or catholic set of beliefs so that heresy could be eliminated. Until the eastern and western churches split in 1154 (I may have the year wrong but the century is correct) The Catholic church was THE Christian church.

    Jesus never founded any church. He did not found a religion. Christianity was founded upon a belief in Him. He was not Christian. He was Jewish. In the very early days the church was considered a Jewish sect or cult. (Many religious groups were called cults in those days.) There was debate about whether or not gentiles could join. This question was also decided by a council of bishops.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Jesus founded the Apostolic Church that is that church built on the Apostle Peter and those in communion with him.

    Furthermore as it was intended by Jesus that they to go out into the whole world to proclaim the Gospel, to forgive the sins of peoples and the fact that Jesus declared He would be with them(His church) until the end of time, you have to ask how this could possibly be achieved in their own lifetimes.

    Setting aside any prejudices and interpretations to the contrary we must in full obedience recognise that Jesus indeed instituted His church which can only continue through time by Apostolic succession and no other way.

    This universal and visible church is Catholic in that where Peter(the Pope) and the Bishops in communion with him are, then there you will find the Catholic church, if any other Christian denomination can trace their origins in this same Apostolic tradition as can the Catholic church then let them show proof of this or stop offending the Lord with a spirit of rebellion and hardened criticism.

    God bless.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Let me quote St. Alphonsus Liguiri

    "A church which is not one in its doctrine and faith can never be the True Church ... Hence, because truth must be one, of all the different churches ... only one can be the true one ... and out of that Church there is no salvation. Now, in order to determine which is this one true Church ... it is necessary to examine which is the Church first founded by Jesus Christ, for, when this is ascertained, it must be confessed that this one alone is the true Church which, having once been the true Church must always have been the true Church and must forever be the true Church. For to this first Church has been made the promise of the Savior that the gates of Hell would never be able to overturn it (Matthew 16:18) ... In the entire history of religion, we find that the Roman Catholic Church alone was the first Church, and that the other false and heretical churches afterwards departed and separated from her. This is the Church which was propagated by the Apostles and afterwards governed by pastors whom the Apostles themselves appointed to rule over her ... This character can be found only in the Roman Church, whose pastors descend securely by an uninterrupted and legitimate succession from the Apostles of the world (Matthew 28:20)

    "The innovators themselves do not deny that the Roman Church was the first which Jesus Christ founded ... however, they say ... that it was the true Church until the fifth century, or until ... it fell away, because it had been corrupted by the Catholics ... But how could that Church fall which St. Paul calls the "pillar and ground of truth" (I Timothy 3:15)? ... No. The Church has not failed ... The truth is ... that all the false churches which have separated from the Roman Church have fallen away and erred ... To convince all heretical sects of their error, there is no way more certain and safe than to show that our Catholic Church has been the first one founded by Jesus Christ; for, this being established, it is proved beyond all doubt that ours is the only true Church and that all the others which have left it and separated are certainly in error ... But, pressed by this argument, the innovators have invented an answer: they say that the visible Church has failed, but not the invisible Church ... But these doctrines are diametrically opposed to the Gospel.

    "The innovators have been challenged several times to produce a text of Sacred Scripture which would prove the existence of the invisible church they invented, and we are unable to obtain any such text from them. How could they adduce such a text when, addressing His Apostles whom He left as the propagators of His Church, Jesus said: "You cannot be hidden" (Matthew 5:14)? ... Thus He has declared that the Church cannot help but be visible to everyone ... The Church has been at all times, and will forever be, necessarily visible, so that each person may always be able to learn from his pastor the true doctrine regarding the dogmas of faith ... to receive the Sacraments, to be directed in the way of salvation, and to be enlightened and corrected should he ever fall into error. For, were the Church in any time hidden and invisible, to whom would men have recourse in order to learn what they are to believe and to do? ... It was necessary that the Church and her pastors be obvious and visible, principally in order that there might be an infallible judge ... to resolve all doubts, and to whose decision everyone should necessarily submit. Otherwise, there would be no sure rule of faith by which Christians could know the true dogmas of faith and the true precepts of morality, and among the faithful there would be endless disputes and controversies ... "And Christ gave some apostles, and others pastors and doctors, that henceforth we be no more children tossed to-and-fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine" (Eph. 4:11-14)

    "But what faith can we learn from these false teachers when, in consequence of separating from the Church, they have no rule of faith? ... How often Calvin changed his opinions! And, during his life, Luther was constantly contradicting himself: on the single article of the Eucharist, he fell into thirty-three contradictions! A single contradiction is enough to show that they did not have the Spirit of God. "He cannot deny Himself" (II Timothy 2:13). In a word, take away the authority of the Church, and neither Divine Revelation nor natural reason itself is of any use, for each of them may be interpreted by every individual according to his own caprice ... Do they not see that from this accursed liberty of conscience has arisen the immense variety

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