Why are Georgia and Russia fighting?

Sorry for sounding naive but the news isnt really giving any details as to why these two countries have declared war against each other. Can someone please tell me? Is it to do with territory?

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    Because Russia is the assigned peace keeper in Osetia. By the agreement, which was signed by Georgia as well as South Osetia in 1992.

    When Georgia broke this agreement and bombed Tshinvali, the South Osetia capital, along with the Russian Peace Corp Camp in there, Russia applied to the Security Council of the United Nations - asking for a resolution to cease fire. The Security Council didn't issue such a resolution, Russia had no choice but to send reinforcements to the Peace Corp Base and enter Souch Osetia to protect the population.

    Russia has made no claims whatsoever, not now, not in the past, questioning the borders of Georgian territory.

    Sross, people of Osetia do not hold Russian passports "all of a sudden". After the Soviet Union collapse any ex-USSR citizen could apply for a Russian passport and get it. As UK did offer to its overseas territories, so did France to ex-African colonies, so was it in Hong Kong and UK passports. Along with this offer from Russia some ex-Soviet Republics banned dual citizenship or introduced "taxes" to prevent large portions of their population from holding Russian nationality. Georgia didn't do so - now who's to blame?

    The fact, that a large portion of Osetia's population holds Russian nationality was one of the key issues in appointing Russia as a peace keeper in the region. Which worked for 15 years - since 1992.

    The pipeline! I am glad you mentioned that. With Nabucco project nearly dead - this is the only Western Europe "gas" hope, together with Ukraine, and both those countires had suspicious "flower" revolutions. By the way, how can Georgian President be called a democrat, since he got his power by force? In the best traditions of US "democracy measures", I imagine?

    P. S. I understand you are anti-Russian, but hope this doesn't make you by default pro-Georgian, when they kill innocent people?

    Zero, you reckon wrong - my yahoo profile is older than yours. It is participation in Yahoo Answeres! that recent. Inspired by recent events and news reports from CNN - never seen anything more biased.

    Unlike you, I have access to more scources than CNN only. Understanding of more languages, too.

    Frankly, I cant believe that Americans are still prone to this - after all that "reasoning" for a war in Iraq. Truly no lessons in life are too hard.. untill they finally are too hard. Seems not yet.; not yet.

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    Georgia was once a element of the Soviet Union. They gained independence..this is almost precisely like the conflict of 1812. this is like if Virginia abruptly declared independence and started patrolling their border with gadget weapons and tanks..we would attack. i do no longer sympathize with Russia, I ingredient with Georgia in this remember, yet it incredibly is the area. None persons, including the media, understand the info as to why the shooting began, yet, i'd guess that Russia provoked it by way of fact Georgia has actually no reason to electrify any variety of reaction from the Russians. they have each thing to lose and not something to income. Russia, even with the shown fact that, has each thing to income from a conflict and actually no longer something to lose.

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    Russia does't declare war with Georgia. Georgia declare war with Russia.

    Saakashvili is the US doll. At Friday's night the Saakashvili's forces was kill about 1500 Osetians civilians.

    So Saakashvili needs an evil enemy. He want to keep governance by any price through thousands of deaths.

    Georgia started this war at night by attack on civilian sleeping town.

    Russia wand to protect civilins and russian's citizens.

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    Rebel forces in South Oseita broke a cease fire agreement ands so the Georgian Goverment retaliated . south Oseita belongs to Georgia and now Russia in helping the rebels . The russians have been planning this for months.

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    In a nutshell, Georgia is a democratic, very pro-Western country in the region who has played a huge role in the war on terror in Iraq alongside our American troops. Russia doesn't like that they're pro-Western and has created and funded a "Palestinian" like people called separatist who say they want their independence and are attacking Georgia (funded by Russia). And now Russia bombed the bejezus out of Georgia claiming to be protecting the separatists who hold Russian passports (all of the sudden).

    There is also a strategic pipeline that is very important to the US and Western Europe, so yeah, it's a big thing.

    (Those Russian "peacekeepers" were helping the separatists. That's why Georgia objected to them.)

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    they are fighting over a province south ossetia...russia have close ties with this province,and georgia which is an united states ally wants to gain control on it..hope i did helped

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    Reckon Russia has not only mobilised its tanks and guns but its yahoo propaganda machine too. Yelna and boris are only members since this week, Funny thing that......

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    Russia for the interests, Georgia for interests of the USA

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