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2008-2009 predictions without BIAS (I'm looking @ you AFC west, NFC East posters

Here are my 2008-2009 picks.

I'm sick of reading all you obviously tainted AFC West/NFC East Homers doing stupid stuff like Eagles or Raiders going to superbowl.

Here we go

AFC East

14-2 Patriots - They won't be perfect again, but still the best in there division

6-10 Bills- They have some talent in the offense, but lackluster offense and redzone ability will hold them back.

5-11 Jets- Trading for favre was one of the stupidest things i have EVER seen, get real, you think he can fit into an offense especially as complex as mangini's and excel? YEAH right, vintage 2004-2006 favre jets fans.

3-13 Dolphins- There rebuilding from last years mess, should steal some games with their running attack.

AFC North

10-6 Pittsburgh- Great skill position players, loving mendenhall and parker combo, but the weak offensive line will hold them back.

9-7 Browns- Very good offense with one of the best offensive lines in football, crap defense unfortunately will provide theyre undoing.

8-8 Bengals- Again great offense, with bad defense does not equal anything better than a decent avg. season.

6-10 Ravens- With slim pickings @ QB and aging defense, this is going to be a rebuilding year.

AFC South

12-4 Colts perennial division winner will be pushed but still edge out the Jags. If Mannings injury lingers though, Jag takes it EASILY.

11-5 Jaguars- Very good team, will push the colts, but still lack the skill @ wideout to be considered explosive enough to hang with the big boys of the AFC like the Pats and Colts.

9-7 Texans- Andre johnson and Matt schaub make one of the most exciting QB/WR tandems in the league and Mario williams and demeco ryans are great. If it weren't for their insane division, they'd prob go 10-6.

6-10 Titans- Yes the defense is great and vince young is a playmaker, but if your QB cannot pass the ball your doomed. More Ints than Tds in both of your starting seasons, yeah ill pass, picking young over lienart or Cutler was an incredible failure.

AFC West

11-5 Chargers- too much talent to fail and a year under norv turner to know the offense. Will be pushed by the broncos, but have too much firepower to lose.

10-6 Broncos- People forget this team was a super bowl contendor 2 seasons ago with arguably a worse Line and a worse QB. Watch Cutler and Marshall to Light up the league in vein of Johnson/Schaub or Delhomme Smith, and whoever wins the RB carousel to excel. Not good enough to beat the chargers, but considering all that happened to them last year including diabetes and injuries, a definite return to form.

6-10 Chiefs- The rebuilding project continues, watch croyle and bowe to do in vein of Cutler and Marshall last year. LJ is on the decline somewhat, but they should be pretty good rushing the ball. Give them 2 years to return to the playoffs and prominence.

4-12 Raiders- What a mess, Al Davis has no clue what he is doing by drafting mcfadden. Theyll be great @ rushing the ball, but with jamarcus russell appearing to be the 2nd coming of akili smith, dont get your hopes up raiders fans. Suspect Rush defense will also negate the great raider pass defense.

NFC East

14-2 Cowboys- They just have to much talent at too many positions, props to Jerry jones for taking a risk on pacman and johnson, will pay massive dividends. Should finally get over the hump and get into the big game.

10-6 Redskins- Campbell has slowly risen quietly to becoming one of hte more promising QBs in the league, and portis has always been good. Losing Taylor hurt, but if this team can stay healthy, it should make it to the wildcard round of the playoffs.

9-7 Giants- Last year was a fluke, and combined with the gutting of there Defense, loss of there best tight end, the Giants will become hardpressed to return to the offseason. If the new comes to the defense can impress, than add another win and a wildcard spot.

6-10 Eagles- Yes they have Mcnabb and yes they have westbrook, but asside from that its slim pickings. And considering the injury proneness of both of their stars, this team is in a whole lots of trouble.

NFC North

10-6 Vikings- Yes a monkey could pass the ball better than tarvaris, but this team has too much talent on both sides of hte ball to lose in this weak division. With argubly the leagues best defense, and best offensive line, and a star in adrian peterson, its theirs to lose.

9-7 Packers- Yes losing brett favre hurts, but i see aaron rodgers doing akin to Romo in Dallas a few years ago. Very talented offensive team, but will have trouble unseating the vikings because of the talent gap. Definitely a wildcard though.

8-8 Lions- Dynamite offense, but needs to get rid of kitna, his turnovers, or preferably both. Lack of defense hurts, but this team will be fun to watch in 2008-2009.

2-14 Bears- how the might of fallen, terrible Qb battle, and lack of overall talent has the bears at the cellar of not only the NFC, but the league

NFC South

Saints 9-7- they will return to form somewhat, but it largely hinges on reggie bush's development combined with Deuce's health.

Buccanears- 8-8 decent team with a good coach should finish second, but questions @ QB, WR2 could pose a threat. Earnest Graham will be key.

Panthers 8-8, the Delhomme to Smith connection will bail this team out along with Stewart, but the Defense has been gutted hard, and it will show in shootouts vs other offensive juggernauts. They need more talent badly and Peppers to return with a vengeance. If he does, they could win the division.

Falcons 1-15- no talent rookie qb questions on the defensive and offensive lines will lead to lots of groans in the ATL, they could possibly win up to 3 games with michael turners talent, but dont look for anything special down here.

NFC West

Seahawks 11-5 must be nice to play in footballs weakest division. Again steamrolls the competition, but question marks @ rb are worrisome for postseason.

Rams 9-7 Last year was a fluke because of the injuries, this team still is HIGHLY talented offensively and should score alot, look for them to rebound and take a wildcard spot.

Cardinals 8-8 This team just doesn't make sense to me, with so much talent it should stomp this division, but seeing as it hasnt for years, i have them going .500. Leinart will be key, but i just dont see him exploding like cutler, but hell be better than vince " i have an IQ of 7" young.

49ers 6-10 this will largely hinge on the QB situation, if they can get it together, they have enough talent to win the division, but if Alex Smith prooves to be a big bust, its over.







Jaguars- WC

Broncos- WC






Rams- WC

Redskins- WC


Chargers over broncos by a huge ammount

Jaguars beat the Steelers, offensive line will unravel

Vikings beat redskins with AP leading the way, and there defense rattling Campbell

Saints beat Rams in an offensive shootout, Itll be close, but i think the Saints are more talented than the Rams, and have a slightly better defense.


Pats over Chargers - choke artists show up

Jaguars over Colts- power running game eats the clock and the Colts with it. Considering the Jags are built to beat the colts, this will be vindication of there efforts

Cowboys over Saints: superior talent on each side of the ball will lead to a rout.

Vikings over Seahawks- Vikings defense will shutdown the offense, and yet again AP all the way.

Championship Games

NE over Jax 34-24, NE's WR's are just too much of Jax to handle, Randy moss in the corner of the end zone with a jumpball is just unfair.

Cowboys over Vikings 45-17 Cowboys will turn this into a throwing shootout, something Tarvaris jackson just cant compete toe to toe with.


Pats over Cowboys 38-31 High scoring game, but Pats are matchup beasts and i think they just have a slight edge and will find ways to rattle romo. Still a very close game.

Thoughts? and no I am not a Pats or Cowboy Fan.


you could flipflop the rams or Packers, neither would get out of the WC round

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    AFC East:

    10-6 Patriots - I have a feeling a big player will get injured and hurt them for a while, but the offense of this team is PHENOMINAL!!! Their defense is getting a little old.

    7-9 Bills - Got it going last year and think that they will be able to make some noise in some games this year but still not playoff contender

    5-11 Dolphins - I like the tough running strategy and blitzing defense but their long game is "short" and they dont have the big playmakers they need

    5-11 Jets - Favre will NOT make a difference... adding Faneca was huge and Jenkins but ultimately this team is just not ready

    AFC North:

    11-5 Steelers - Terrific Offense and a Deffense that doesnt give up points BUT their offensive line is lackluster and they have the hardest schedule

    10-6 Browns - Such a good team last year that just missed the playoffs and the young players on this team now have more experience

    5-10 Bengals - Keeping Chad Johnson was huge but their defense is pathetic

    2-14 Ravens - Older defense and NO playmakers on offense makes this a team thats not going to be fun to watch

    AFC South:

    13-3 Jaguars - I know they play with the colts BUT with Garrard as QB and he doesnt throw INT's and they have such good 1-2 punch at RB and a great defense this team should take the division

    11-5 Colts - Would have moved them up more but mannings injury makes me a little cautious

    9-7 Texans - Great young team and keeps improving every year, will contend for wildcard

    8-8 Titans - didnt get any WR help for Vince, crumpler helps but not enough and the defensive backs need some work too

    AFC West:

    14-2 Chargers - I believe the best team overall... defensively amazing at getting to the QB and forcing turnovers, and offensively they have LT!

    8-8 Broncos - Coming back from alot of injuries but to many problems defensivly to succede

    4-12 Chiefs - Good in a few years with an amazing draft but not now

    2-14 Raiders - McFadden will keep them in a few games if he develops but they dont have any other offensive players

    NFC East:

    14-2 Cowboys - Such an amazing team, no real holes that they have to fill

    11-5 Giants - May have lost alot but much of their team was young and now has experience... plus still have names like Eli, Plaxico, Osi, Antonio

    10-6 Redskins - Good Offense and Good defense will make wild card

    7-9 Eagles - Westbrook cant carry this team but in all realism hes going to have to

    NFC North:

    11-5 Vikings - Great defense and amazing running game should vault this team to a succesfull season

    9-7 Packers - I still feel like the packers success was because of their team and not Favre, BUT i think they had to much of a headache this season and Rodgers is not a great QB

    8-8 Lions - good WR but the rest of their team is undeveloped

    1-15 Bears - Their defense will not win them games at all, and their offense is Devin Hester.. and hes a defensive player

    NFC South:

    10-6 Panthers - The addition of Hacket will help get attention off Smith and the rest of their offense is very good, only question is defense

    9-7 Saints - Great Great Great offense but the defense is still very weak

    8-8 Buccaneers - Not a great team just a decent team that last year got some lucky moments

    1-15 Falcons - Is there a player on this team that anyone knows??

    NFC West:

    12-4 Rams - Jackson returning, Bulger Returning, still has Holt makes it a strong offense and a pretty strong defense makes this a tough team

    9-7 Cardinals - Good offense with Edge, L-Fitz and Boldin but not an amazing defense will keep them one year from playoffs

    8-8 Seahawks - Loosing Alexander will end up coming back to haunt the seahawks i feel

    5-11 49ers - still trying to find a franchise player and needs some defensive and offensive help






    Browns WC

    Colts WC






    Giants WC

    Redskins WC

    Steelers over Colts - the defense gets back to old days and willie/mendenhall run over the colts

    Browns over Patriots - the age will be a factor and the young browns will be happy they made the playoffs and it will carry them in a big shocker

    Giants over Panthers - Line gets to Delhomme and disrupts their game

    Vikings over Redskins - Running game just to much for Redskins


    Chargers over Browns - Offensivly and defensivly better than the browns

    Jaguars over Steelers - Same as last year the steelers just wont be able to stay with Jacksonville

    Rams over Vikings - Great Coaching and great team think past the vikings

    Cowboys over Giants - The cowboys are just unfair against any team in the NFC


    Chargers over Jaguars - LT shows his true colors and demolishes the Jag D

    Cowboys over Rams - Very easily


    Tough one but

    Cowboys over Chargers - the cowboys just have to many big game players and players that will step up for the chargers flashy team to win

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    they play the (NFC AND AFC )EAST and their starting RB is not yet in camp.

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