how do i view my checking account balance if i only have an atm card.

I bank with bank of america and I'm not old enough to have a checking card but i have a checking account and a savings account and an atm card. when i log on it shows me my savings account balance but I'm not sure how to view my checking account balance and i really need to figure it out since i have direct deposit and when i get paid that's where all my money is going. please help!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Call support line.

    Maybe there's a way to add your checking account to your online profile.

    Once, with another bank, I have a credit card and a savings account. I setup the online access for the credit card, but couldn't view my savings account. I called support, and they gave me instructions to add my savings account to my online access, so now I can view both balances from my online account.

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