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Have you or Do you have a HOME INVENTORY on your home valuables? Thinking about starting this business

I did a search and in washington only 3 home inventory services came up, one in my home town. Im takinga little survey here to see just how many home owners have this service or thought about getting it but just haven't taken the time? Average cost about $400-200. This includes written inventory, home video, detailed pictures of your valubles all put into more. Thanks for you input .

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I had not heard of this. I think it's a great idea. In my former life of being a DINK, I would've definitely paid for this service. In a (basically) one-income household, the idea is still interesting but I would try to do it myself before hiring someone. I would like it if you had a website promoting your business but also provided free information on how to DIY. That way, I would have a positive feeling toward your business in the future when my income increased and I wanted to "do it right".

    Also, maybe promote your business to insurance agents? They would probably not pro-actively recommend your business but if a client asked, they would be able to say "well, I know of this company". Just a thought.

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