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1991 Honda Civic 4 door sedan Head

I just recently got the valves replaced, the ones that were burned, and they made the valves already on there brand new. Anyways... It is really confusing on how to torque down the bolts and what is the name of every thing. I took it apart my self, but my God, it is really confusing. I have all the parts and stuff together but I just need a little help reassembling it. I have the new gaskets and there are about like 30 things I have to replace on the whole head. ANy easy manuals that are very descriptive but easy to follow online? Thanks!

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    well its really not confusing at all.

    its going back on the same way it came off. of course the only main thing u had to replace was the bad valves and the headgasket. heres a write up on how to take the head off and putting back on.

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