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What is and appropriate Christening gift?

It's for a friends 18 month old granddaughter. I have met the baby's mom once, but I'm very close to the grandmother. The ceremony is at the church, followed by the reception at the family's backyard.

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    Maybe a nice Bible with her name engraved.

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    Engraved jewellery, such as a baby ring or baby bracelet (to be put away by the parents for safe-keeping) is traditional, but these days people seem to be leaning more towards photo frames, gift cards, books, that sort of thing. Anything that isn't going to take up unnecessary space, that might be useful (either now or down the road) would likely be welcome.

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    I would get the baby a savings bond (a $50 bond costs $25) - something for the future - and a nice card.

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    A small stuffed animal and cute card.

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