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Fantasy Football trade????

Is this a good trade for me. Choose someone else for me to include.

I give: Brett Favre and someone.

I get: Tony Romo.

Here is my Roster


QB- David Garrard

WR- Randy Moss

WR- Larry Fitzgerald


RB- Brandon Jacobs

TE- Kellen Winslow

K- Adam Vinatieri

Defense- San Diego


QB- Brett Favre

WR- Roddy White

RB- LenDale White

RB- Thomas Jones

TE- Zach Miller

K- Mason Crosby

Defense- Green Bay

Again please choose someone else to include in this deal.


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    It is a good trade for you if you can give Brett Favre and any of these guys for Tony Romo (in this order):

    Mason Crosby

    Adam Vinatieri

    David Garrard

    Green Bay

    Zach Miller


    I might even send LenDale White with Favre, but once you get to Thomas Jones ... that is starting to push it. You have a good team and I can't believe someone would give you Romo. I suspect you are not playing the stoutest of opponents.

    Good luck though!

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    Well, knowing the scoring system would help. At least tell me if it is 6 pts for a passing td or 4 points.

    But if I had Romo - it would take a lot to get him from me. You have to upgrade on of my other starting positions. I wouldn't trade Romo for a lesser QB and good "bench depth". To that end, what TE does he have? You might trade him Winslow and Farve for this QB and his TE? He 'might' go for Roddy White if it is a PPR league, but Atlanta is going to be cluster you know what this year.

    Other two options - switch a rb like MJD for one of his rb's as well. or Maybe Fitzgerald for one of his WR's. But Romo won't be had for cheap. you just have to look at his roster and find out his weakness and see if you can argue a "slight downgrade" at QB, but an upgrade elsewhere.

    Don't give up Moss. And personally, I would keep Garrard over Favre at least in the beginning of the season - maybe play match up's between the two.

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    Lendale White or Zach Miller. But he will probably want Roddy White.

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    Anyone but Moss would make that an awesome deal for you.

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