What is going on here? I am confused

I've known all my life that my sister is a lawyer. She always talks about it and her many degrees. However, she took money from a friend of mine and I have been searching her name on the Internet and got nothing. I checked with the Florida Bar and nothing. Could there be a mistake? or has my sister been lying all this time?


My sister is indeed older than me and we always had a sibling rivalry. In fact, she is my half sister, my father's daughter. I have seen some diplomas framed at her own from UM. She has lived in Miami and New York. I just cannot find her name on any state bar website so I was wondering if there was any other way. She practices law in FL, so I assumed that she could be on the website. But since she took money from my friend (who is also a friend of the family) as a retainer for a case, I just began to wonder.

Update 2:

And I didn't not see her going to school because she's 23 years old than me. So by the time I was born, she was finished with school. All I ever heard is that she is a lawyer and all. Never a firm name or anything like that. I do not live in FL, I come here often and I am a US citizen, but I reside in Australia (dual citizenship).

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    It is always possible that she has been misleading everyone including family members, if you know where she resides then it should not be a problem to check with the law firms in the area to see if she is employed as an attorney.~

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    This doesn't make any sense.

    Is your sister a lot older than you?

    That's the only thing that would explain that you knew she was a lawyer ALL your life.

    Did you live with your sister when growing up?

    Did you not see her going to school or studying?

    Do you even know where your sister works?

    Most people know exactly where their family works and most have even been there to:

    Go to lunch

    Give a ride

    Meet for an event after work

    Or even call their work for some reason or another.

    Have you ever been to your sister's home and seen her law degrees framed and mounted on her walls?

    As I said this whole thing doesn't make sense

    Please edit your question and add some details so we will know whether to answer you or not?

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    maybe she is not a member of the Florida Bar, but in some other state.

    lots of people are not on the internet, believe it or not.

    taking money is not a problem, we all do it. has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

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