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which game has a better online multiplayer: ghost recon advanced war fighter2 or rainbow six vegas?


as a response to the second answer.

I own call of duty 4 and it is absolutely outstanding, i agree

i am wondering only about these two games, thanks.

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    Rainbow six vegas is the better game for online multiplayer easily.

    There is a lot more tactics and skill work involved in the rainbow six online play. and also, teamwork plays as a major part which makes playing online with friends a lot more enjoyable.

    The accessibility to more guns and ability to customise your own man justifys why rainbow six vegas is the better game.

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    now it depends if your playing on the xbox 360 both will be awsome but i will have to say rainbow six i own both games so i know what im talking about. rainbow six is more fun and more interaction with shooting than ghost recon

  • 1 decade ago

    Call of Duty 4, how can that not be an option??? It blows away both of those games put together.

  • 1 decade ago

    Rainbow it has an awwsome online interface

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