When the LDS President dies, how exactly do the Apostles of the Church determine who will succeed?

Is there a special ceremony or ritual?

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    Throughout history it's always been the most senior Apostle, always.

    This isn't a "rule" but there's never been deviation from this pattern.

    Here's what Boyd Packer had to say about it. He was called at teh same conference as Thomas Monson, however when the names were read in alphabetical order, Monson appeared before Packer and thus President Packer's words are a sign of the beauty of a lack of pride and a full sustainment of his friend of many years.

    Here are his words:


    There is a special ceremony. Solemn Assembly is the name for it. People stand in their priesthood groups to sustain the new Prophet. I've been at the last 3. I watched the first presidency stand and sustain President Monson, then the 12 Apostles, then the other Generaul Authorites which include my dad, then I stood with the Melchezidek Priesthood, and saw my brother stand with the AaronicPriesthood, followed by my sisters (my wife was with the kids) and so on.

    You can watch it in the same place that the talk I sent you is found.

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    Actually, it is always the senior apostle [by time served, not age]. The President of the Quorum of the 12 apostles is also the senior apostle [after the President of the Church]. When the President dies, the senior apostle [or president of the quorum of the 12 apostles] becomes the next president of the church. There is no election. The apostles will gather in the SL temple for their regular meeting - and sustain the senior apostle as the president of the Church. The body of the church has the opportunity to sustain the new president in general assembly at the next general conference.

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    They seek the direction of the Holy Ghost. There is a lot of prayer and the decision must be unanimous. There's no ceremony in selecting him.

    Eventually he's made an apostle "by the laying on of hands" by the current apostles and the prophet.

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    There was quite a mess when Joseph Smith died because there was no firm process for succession. Brigham Young claimed Smith told him that the most senior apostle should take over. That was convenient for Young since he WAS the most senior apostle. Members of Smith's family thought it should be inherited, and Smith had made statements to that effect. The whole family left and started their own church.

    Packer is the senior apostle now and probably successor to Monson.

    Brigham Young ordained his 11 year old son John Willard Young as an apostle in an attempt to ensure family succession, but he was never called to the council of 12.

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    They just pray about it for a few days and then they vote for who they feel is the next prophet. Usually it's the Apostle who has been in the quorum for the longest...but you never know - something might happen.

    Even I could be the next prophet...but It's usually the longest serving Apostle.

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    We are fortunate to have Josh on-board to provide such an experienced answer. I now have a bit more insight into this process, and Josh's experience.

    Thanks "Josh"

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