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Who is a better GM Theo Epstein or Brian Cashman?

Here are there stats:

Theo Epstein:

5 years Gm for red sox (this is 6th)

2 World Series

Made playoffs 4 out of 5 seasons (only one division win)



Traded away Nomar (BAD)

Traded for Dave Roberts (GOOD)

Traded hanely ramirez (possible MVP canidate for many years) for

MIke Lowel (old) and Josh Beckett (possible cy for 1 year) (BAD)

Traded 4 good minor leagers (including david murphy and kason gabbard) for Eric Gagne (EXTRELY BAD)

Traded Manny for Jason Bay (bay will be great for the soxs) but are going to pay for Manny's full salary (that makes it BAD)


Brian Cashman

10 years (this is 11) GM since Febuary 1998

3 World Series (5 WS appearences) (won in 1998,1999,2000)

10 Playoff appearences (in 10 years) (9 division wins)


Known for ripping GMs off in trades

Traded Davis Well for Roger Clemens (GREAT)

Traded Soriano (who wanted out of texas) for A-Rod (MVP 2 times for yankes 1 time with texas) (AWSOME)

Traded 4 scrubs for Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle (R.I.P.) (GREAT)

Traded Jarett Wright (i think retired) for Chris Britton (helping in bullpen) (GREAT)

Traded Randy Johnson (missed that whole season) for Visciano (helped us last year) (GREAT)

Traded 3 average and 1 good minor leager for Nady and Marte (Great)


the A's? how are they even competitive this year they sux more than the Royals

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    Hmmm, I guess you think that Cashman is the man.

    Your fandom speaks louder than words in your biased opinion.

    Cashman takes the guys who are available, offers them the most money and signs a cheque. ANYONE could do that.

    You are looking at negatives for the Red Sox and only positives for the Yankees.

    You didn't mention ANYTHING about trading for Vazquez, then trading for Johnson.

    You failed to mention signing Pavano for 4 years and 40 Mill, or Wright for 4 years and $30 mil.

    Yes, he traded for Arod, why? Cause Texas realized they were idiots for signing him to a $25 mil contract and who was stupid enough to take on 70% of that contract, why the Yankees of course.

    Then, he opts out and the Yanks say "no more negotiations if you opt out", he does anyway and they still sign him, effectively giving the Rangers $21 mil over 3 years.

    Trading Clemens for Wells couldn't have been less about Brian Cashman, Clemens insisted on more money than what he was making from Toronto and invoked a hand shake deal and the Jays traded him away.

    And, from a Cy Young/year perspective, Clemens' tenure with the Yankees was the worse of any of his team;s

    Boston took Lowell, whom they didn't want and he became a 120 RBI guy and helped them win the WS. No matter how good Hanley Ramirez is, they won with Beckett/Lowell

    Trading Nomar actually worked in their favour. They hadn't won with him (just like the Yankees can't win with Arod)

    Cashman is a HORRIBLE GM and frankly, without the 'budget' of the Yankees, he wouldn't even be employed.

    Just like managing the Yankees, being the GM of the Yankees doesn't take a lot of skill.

    Epstein could be a GM anywhere, Cashman couldn't.

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  • Wes T
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    Traded away Nomar (helped them win the World Series)

    Traded Manny (The Sox have the money to pay his salary, he has an injury threat and is a bad influence on his team)

    These trades seem to be good ones to me, even if the Gagne one wasn't, and Hanley is now becoming a great player.

    But many minor trades have left the Sox minors stacked, while the Yankees have few good young players.

    Plus, Hank seems to have taken over Cashman's job at the moment.

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  • Anonymous
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    Looks like you are one biased S.O.B.!

    Theo's moves inluding the Nomar one brought 2 W.S. championships!

    - Dave Roberts, Orlando Cabrera, and Doug Mientkiewicz all came over in the deal for Nomar in '04, and helped bring the first W.S. championship to Boston is 86 years. Nomar had pulled a Manny that year and had basically given up playing, so he needed to be moved. By the way, what has Nomar done in the last 4 years since he left Boston? -Great move by Theo!

    - Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell came over in the deal that sent Hanley Ramirez to Florida. Beckett was 4-0 in the 2007 post season, and Mike Lowell won the W.S. MVP. The Sox have a couple of guys named Pedroia and Lowrie playing in the middle of the infield which kind of made Ramirez expendable, despite the numbers he's put up in small market Florida. -Great move by Theo!

    - The Gagne trade was not a great one by Theo, but David Murphy would have been nothing more than a fourth outfielder in Boston, and Gabbard probably would have been a number 5 pitcher at the best and more probably a long reliever. The Sox won the World Series despite this move, and also received a first round draft pick when Millwaukee signed Gagne in the offseason. - I'll call this one a wash.

    - The Manny for Bay trade was a move that needed to be done, because Manny had become a cancer in the clubhouse, and basically quit on them. Both players are doing quite well with their prospective new teams, and while we still have Bay for at least 1 more year, Manny will be out of L.A. as soon as the last pitch of the Dodger's season is thrown(if not sooner). Theo was also able to free up $20 of payroll next year to use in free agency next year. - Great move by Theo!


    - Brought in Roger Clemens who in the last 6 months, has brought disgrace to this storied franchise due to HGH and infidelity allegations.

    - Traded for A-Rod, and then allowed him to hold the franchise hostage in order to re-negotiate a new contract.

    - Traded for Kevin Brown, and then was forced to pay him over $15 million a year, and the guy couldn't even win more than 10 games in a season for the Yankees.

    - Signed Carl Pavano to a 4 year $40 million dollar contract and got exactly 5 wins out of him, that's $8 million a win!

    You see, you can sway any argument you want by throwing out any spin on that topic. The fact is both men have done a great job with their prospective ball clubs, and should be credited with allways having their teams in contention.

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    You make a good case against those who would automatically say that Theo was far superior...

    However, keep in mind that the "old" guys that Theo got for Hanley were both key contributors in the '04 WS Title..Also remember that the Carl Pavano. Jaret Wright and Randy Johnson were signed on Cashman's watch as well.

    The big question is how much control does Cashman really have? I do believe that Theo is running the show in Boston, but can't really make the same claim about Cashman in NY.

    I will say this: I'll bet my signed Derek Jeter ball that signing Pavano, Wright and the Unit were Steinbrener's idea...and the deals that unloaded them were Cashman's...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Considering that Epstein had to break The Curse, I'd say he's the one, by a narrow margin.

    Billy Beane is not a genius. Under him, the A's have never even won an ALCS game. He's also a coward: If he had any guts, he would tell the A's owners to open the vault and let him sign some better players. They can afford it. Every team owner can. Some choose not to. That's like choosing not to win games. Players used to be banned for life for that sort of thing.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    theo...i say theo because all cashman does to make his team better is by signing big players with the money that the yankee orginization has...the red sox got money too but deffianetly not *** much as the yanks do...theo made an awesome team not from the money hes got but with smart decisions...the red sox are better than the yanks

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  • 1 decade ago

    Billy Beane in Oakland. He keeps the A's competitive despite not having an huge payroll like Epstein and Cashman.

    edit: The A's have finished 1st or 2nd in 8 out of the last 10 years. That's pretty good considering all of the players they've lost in that time (Tejada, McGwire, Zito, Mulder, Haren, Hudson, Harden, Giambi, Beltran, etc)

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    Well it looks like Brian Cashman has made the better trades.

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    I say it is a toss up between the two.

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