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Who is a better GM Theo Epstein or Brian Cashman?

Here are there stats:

Theo Epstein:

5 years Gm for red sox (this is 6th)

2 World Series

Made playoffs 4 out of 5 seasons (only one division win)



Traded away Nomar (BAD)

Traded for Dave Roberts (GOOD)

Traded hanely ramirez (possible MVP canidate for many years) for

MIke Lowel (old) and Josh Beckett (possible cy for 1 year) (BAD)

Traded 4 good minor leagers (including david murphy and kason gabbard) for Eric Gagne (EXTRELY BAD)

Traded Manny for Jason Bay (bay will be great for the soxs) but are going to pay for Manny's full salary (that makes it BAD)


Brian Cashman

10 years (this is 11) GM since Febuary 1998

3 World Series (5 WS appearences) (won in 1998,1999,2000)

10 Playoff appearences (in 10 years) (9 division wins)


Known for ripping GMs off in trades

Traded Davis Well for Roger Clemens (GREAT)

Traded Soriano (who wanted out of texas) for A-Rod (MVP 2 times for yankes 1 time with texas) (AWSOME)

Traded 4 scrubs for Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle (R.I.P.) (GREAT)

Traded Jarett Wright (i think retired) for Chris Britton (helping in bullpen) (GREAT)

Traded Randy Johnson (missed that whole season) for Visciano (helped us last year) (GREAT)

Traded 3 average and 1 good minor leager for Nady and Marte (Great)

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    Your question reeks of bias....what a waste of time.

    You answered you own question....Red Sox 2 World Series titles and the

    Yankees 0 under their guidance.

    BTW...Nomar too quit on the Red Sox and declined a 4 year 60 million dollar extension.

    You are not a very intelligent baseball fan.

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    i'm a yankee fan, but i have to say those lists are totally aren't even looking at theo's record in turning the red sox into a team that actually uses its farm system, breeding young guys such as dustin pedroia, kevin youkilis, jacoby ellsbury, jon lester, and jonathan papelbon, plus his acquisition of dice-k which is working out pretty well even though i think dice-k is the most overrated pitcher in baseball...on the other hand cashman has made his share of really bad deals(see: trading wily mo pena for drew henson, acquiring jeff weaver, trading away dioner navarro as part of the randy johnson trade), as well as finding any way possible to tear apart the yankees' farm system, so i would give the edge to theo here

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    Traded away Nomar (helped them win the international series) Traded Manny (The Sox have the money to pay his earnings, he has an injury hazard and is a bad impact on his group) those trades look reliable ones to me, regardless of if the Gagne one wasn't, and Hanley is now transforming into a great participant. yet many minor trades have left the Sox minors stacked, whilst the Yankees have few reliable youthful gamers. Plus, Hank seems to have taken over Cashman's interest on the 2d.

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    Theo Epstein; I don't know if you noticed but this dude showed all the bad things that Theo did yet pointed out all the good thing that Cashman did.

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    They have both made good and bad moves in their tenures but for the ability to put up with the Steinbrenner family without putting on a gorilla suit I have to give it to Cashman!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Brian Cashmen title may be General Manager but he doest piss without the ok from the BOSS!!! Cashmen looks like a great gm he has taken alot of credit for the Yankee dynasty in the 90's but lets be real its the BOSS who tells him what to do how to do it when to eat when to Shir* ETC so I give my vote to Cashmen!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    just stop asking this question, youre pointing out all the bad things epstein did and the good things that cashman did

  • 1 decade ago

    Theo looks like Zach Morris.

  • 1 decade ago

    Cash Man by a long shot.

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