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America Energy Independent

Are you tired of high fuel costs, would you like to see America be more energy independent and

Stop sending billions of dollars each year to other countries, Join the team

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    I am, indeed, tired of high fuel costs. I would, indeed, like to see America be more energy independent. I would especially like to see the US stop sending billions of dollars each year to other countries, many of which channel the money to organizations that really want to do harm to Americans.

    I'm also tired of sending American troops around the world to help settle squabbles funded on the other side by our own oil money.

    Hubby brought the Pickens Plan to my attention some time back. It is only part of the solution, but a good place to start. I grew up in the general area of Lamar Colorado. There will be a town hall meeting there soon, if it hasn't already been held. I currently live south of the planned panhandle wind farm.

    I do not know what needs to be done to get the energy from the "American Saudi Arabia of Wind and Solar" to the energy needy east and west coast.

    Yes, T Boone Pickens will make a fortune on this. That is the American way, isn't it?

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    Well, with all respect to Pickens, American "enterprise" (of which he is an icon) has dug most of the hole we're in. A 60 Minutes show some 20 years ago was devoted entirely to the conspiracy between Standard Oil, Firestone, and GM that had them buy up and systematicaly destroy some 30 cities' light-rail and trolley systems during the 50's and early 60's to make way for the automobiles they manufactured. The conspiracy was proven in court in an anit-trust lawsuit. The three companies were found guilty, and paid a fine of -- wait for it -- $5 thousand dollars. No double jeopardy -- they can't be tried again.

    Today, it is just another of our knee-jerks that has the Republican administration suggesting we destroy national wilderness and jeopardize the oceans for the short-term goal of "Oil Independence".

    They've even gone so far as to openly castigate Speaker Pelosi for "turning out the lights in Congress" rather than rushing these measures through before the summer recess which may well have saved the planet, for all we know. And many buy it because they can't afford now to drive the gas-guzzling SUV's they bought. My heart bleeds.

    What is required is a concerted, United States led, world-based regulation of the production of greenhouse gases -- something that cannot be regulated by the "free marketplace" (as once again cynically suggested by administration spokespeople), much less solved by betting all-in on the gluttony we're used to. Scientists now estimate the window for correction of global warming to be as short as 10 years before it becomes catastrophically irreversible.

    The price of selfish short-sightedness may be a planet that will never be comfortably habitable again -- by even our own children. If the rampant corruptions (plural!) in the name of "Our Way of Life" that have been practiced in the financial world these last years are any indicator of our social conscience, it seems that the idea of leaving any legacy but a wasteland is a real threat.

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