How much is a sawtooth shark nose worth?

I had one out at a garage sale and a neighbor told me it could be worth hundreds. Is that true?

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    Do you realize that there is an International ban on sales of endangered species and their parts? With that note, that's why it's worth alot. Get caught selling it on ebay and you risk having much problems your way. If I were you, just keep it because you'll never see another like it again.~good luck catchin'.

    Source(s): An international conference on endangered species banned almost all trade Monday in sawfish -- large shark-like rays whose long snouts bristling with teeth are in high demand among collectors.
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    Sawtooth Shark

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    Saw Tooth Shark

  • Yes it is worth hundreds maybe even thousands. But what you can do is save it because when you need the money the most sell it on Ebay and you can get even more money for it then what you can selling it to a store. You can sell it on Ebay at a start of $1.00 then the people of ameria bid and the last thing you know its already at 1000 dolloars or more.

    Source(s): I did a report on sharks
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm sure it's worth more than that to the shark. It's worth nothing to me.

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