Inflammatory breast cancer? Do You Know?

Many of you have heard of this deadly type of breast cancer, but am sending this video to remind you to be vigilant and to share this information with your friends and loved ones.....especially those who might be too embarrassed or uninformed to say anything about a change in their breasts ! We must be proactive to save lives !

New type of breast cancer --- "IBC" -- not well known and deadly!

GREAT Informative VIDEO!

Please watch this, and then pass on to all the women you know & love . . . it could save a life

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    I also want to remind everyone that if you discover anything that concerns you and phone your doctor and get a pin head receptionist who say she can book you in for next week or next month DONT ACCEPT IT !

    When my mothers care giver found a lump while bathing her she phoned me and I called her Dr and the receptionist said he was going on holidays and could book my mother in for next month !! She refused to make an emergency appt and refused to let me talk to the Dr.

    I had to take mom to my own Dr who saw her that same day. My mothers Dr phoned when he got back from holidays and had received the chart from my Dr and apologized over and over.

    He said he felt he had no choice but to let his receptionist go as the results could have been fatal. Mom was fortunate in that it was a very slow growing breast cancer, she had a very mild chemo given her age and health, a lumpectomy and eventually it was the anti-alzheimer medication that killed her, not the cancer.

    Its YOUR health so be pro-active, fight for your right to immediate medical attention. DONT let anyone say "I am sure its nothing".

    Having had a problem that led to 7 surgeries in 13 months I had to learn to be very demanding that I see someone immediately.

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    My sister in law ended up with this form of cancer. And everywhere she went she wasn't given much chance of survival. This form of breast cancer has the lowest survival rate. Well anyway, she stay strong about her chances. Went through all the treatments and had a mastectomy of the bad breast. So far it has been 4 years and she is doing fine. I think the chemo treatment did more harm to her immune system because she does get sick easy. But her cancer is in total remission.

    She knows that she will always have to live life in increments. She is hoping to get though the first 5 years trouble free.

    One thing of interest is that all our family doctors have said that this form of cancer, inflammatory breast cancer, is not hereditary.

    Ladies take care of your self's and get your spouses involved.

  • Debbie
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    4 years ago

    Hi Heide I'm a cancer survivor and at your age you could get IBC but it's not very common. what you describe could be anything, a bruise, sore lymph node, milk duct, cyst, inverted pimple, infection, since the redness and soreness isn't as bad, I wouldn't worry alot over it, but I would still get it checked out at the doctors office. Have you had mammograms in the past? They might want to do one just to be sure, possibly a breast ultrasound. How about under your arm, in the pit, there is a lymph node there, does it hurt? feel swollen? Sometimes the sites on the net really put the fear in you, dont' they? I would just see the doctor to ease your fears 100%, I wouldn't worry or lose sleep over it, IBC doesn't get better it spreads so the fact that it seems lighter and not as sore is a good thing.

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    Having had a mastectomy in 1990 and attending support groups and am aware of IBC. I did not realize that there are so many different types of breast cancer. Like the song said Keep Spreading the Word. Sorry I made an error on the date. It was Sept. 1998.

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    Never heard of it and thank you TONS for sharing this information and passing it along to the community. As someone else mentioned, men also get breast cancer and it's not to be taken lightly by anyone.

    The video was excellent, information, enlightening.

    I really appreciate this! You ought to get like ... 500 points for sharing this in Yahoo!Answers.

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    My Mother had her annual mammogram, and three days later, found something while taking a shower...She called the doctor, and went back the next day for another mammogram...She was put in the hospital, that day, and a radical double mastectomy was done the next day....My sister found a problem while Mother was undergoing her chemo, but said nothing and did nothing for four weeks, as she was so concerned about Mother...When she went for her checkup, she was already stage three..Days can make a life or death difference...My Mother survived her ordeal, but my sister did not, as hers was a different kind, and metastasized and spread everywhere. She was only 50 when she died....Men can get breast cancer also. Thank you for this warning, as this terrible disease has hit close to home......

  • Reese
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    Wow Kay...I never heard of this before! and I have had many cases of mastitis that looked very similar to this Dr. always sends me to another Dr, and so on we really have to be our advocates! thank you so much...At the very least you you saved me..It is so important to be informed...

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    This is the first that I have heard about it. Thank you for the information. I did see your video. I will pass this on to all the females that I know.

  • Anonymous
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    To tell you the honest truth...I'm one of those people who don't want to know. It won't change my life since I don't believe there is anything that I would do or allow to be done to my body IF it were found to have cancer or anything else...Someone else might...but not me.

    Thanks for sharing & caring to share!.

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    Thanks for passing this video on to us. I've never heard of that kind of cancer, either. I'm going to send this video link to all my friends. Thanks so much!

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