youtube wont let me have video it says wrong format.. can any one help?

i uploaded a video to youtube and it will upload but when it its processing it will say invalid format. can anyone help me? i need to know what programs i can use to make the video cause all i want to do is put a mp3 wit pictures. Please help?

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    1 decade ago
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    first of all youtube accepts only .flv files, proof is whenever you download a youtube video it has the extension of .flv

    so if you are about to upload a video first prepare the video and then convert it, you must need something like "free flv converter v5" it is a free software and download it from google

    if you want to download from youtube then you must need "youtube downloader"

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    1 decade ago

    Using Movie Maker, which can be found on almost all PCs

    Drop and drag in your song

    Then add the pictures


    Don't save the project then try upload the project, it is the wrong format

    Hope that helps

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    Youtube accepts certain video formats like avi, mpg, mov, wmv and mpeg4. I think the video that you attempting to upload might not be in any of the above formats.

    Now, you can convert your video to the above formats by using a video converter. You can download Any Video Converter(freeware) and convert it to any of the above formats .

    For best quality on Youtube, encode the video to mpeg4 with minimum resolution of 640x480 pixels.



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    1 decade ago

    Ensure the file format is correct before uploading to youtube...

    Using windows movie maker -- you have to save it into the proper file format, that is "wmv" file (use the "save movie file" on the menu at the top left) before upload..

    The WMV file will be smaller in size but still quite good quality.. so uploading it will be faster.

    --for best editing....

    use windows movie maker (included in your windows machine)... it can help you make beautiful slideshow or video clip(e.g. mixing your songs with pictures/video/etc).... then save it as video file such as wmv file format... finally upload.

    or .. Just get those clips you want , save & convert them, and then mix/match with pix/sound/etc using windows movie maker to create new masterpieces....

    this will help you.... Use 'zillatube'. This is the easiest (and also the fastest) way.

    Zillatube produces mpg/mp3 formats from youtube that are compatible with windows movie maker(or media player), and more.

    It is very easy to download and convert videos. Then edit those converted mp3/mpg videos with windows movie maker... save your file as wmv and then upload.

    It works very well....just google search for "zillatube"


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  • 1 decade ago

    Put the Mp3 and pictures in windows movie maker then publish your movie and try to upload the windows movie maker again. The file you were uploading isnt correct file type.

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    1 decade ago

    mp3 is like music format.....mp4 is video..u could try online video converters to convert videos or download ones off the internet.....but mp3 isnt a video format so how could u put it on youtube??

  • 3 years ago

    whilst the document won't be able to be switched over or too small length, it skill the document is interior the incorrect format... ensure the document format is authentic previously importing to youtube... utilising domicile windows action picture maker -- you will desire to keep it into the right document format, it rather is "wmv" document (use the "keep action picture document" on the menu on the authentic left) previously upload.. The WMV document would be smaller in length yet nonetheless extremely good high quality.. so importing it's going to be swifter. additionally some action picture maker version demands to be printed rather of keep... for that, press "ctrl-p" to submit or seek&opt for a submit option from the menu on the authentic of this methodology window. --for terrific modifying.... use domicile windows action picture maker (coated on your domicile windows device)... it delivers help to are making eye-catching slideshow or video clip(e.g. mixing your songs with photos/video/etc).... then keep it as video document mutually with wmv document format... ultimately upload. or .. in basic terms get those clips you opt for , keep & convert them, and then mixture/tournament with pics/sound/etc utilising domicile windows action picture maker to create new masterpieces.... this could furnish help to.... Use 'zillatube'. it rather is the least confusing (and additionally the quickest) way. Zillatube produces mpg/mp3 codecs from youtube that greater healthful with domicile windows action picture maker(or media participant), and greater. that is extremely consumer-friendly to acquire and convert video clips. Then edit those switched over mp3/mpg video clips with domicile windows action picture maker... keep your document as wmv and then upload. it works basic terms google seek for "zillatube", and choose the 1st seek effect for acquire...

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    1 decade ago

    just windows movie maker.

    it;s free.

    How to use windows movie maker?

    If u want to get high quality video for youtube,

    U can save the video as AVI on Windows Movie Maker.

    Then convert to high quality flv video with E.M. Youtube Video Download Tool.

    At last, upload the flv video to youtube.

    How to save video as avi or wmv for uploading to youtube on Windows movie maker?

    It works very great and easy to use.

    It can convert flv video to any audio include mp3, wma,wav,ac3,mmf,amr,ogg,aac..., to any video formats include 3gp,avi,wmv, mpg,mpg4,asf,swf,h264,mov,jpg, that can be supported by PSP,iPod,iPhone,Apple TV video,iTune,mp3,mp4,Zune,Cellphone,Digital camera,DV,CD/DVD/VCD/SVCD.

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