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I have my back layout on the floor but i am scared to start twisting. What should i do??

Should i get over my fear??

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    Ahhh i love twisting! Uhmm yeahh you should do a few on the trampoline, twisting a quarter of the way, half way, three quarters of the way, and then all the way. Then when you feel comfortable doing them on the trampoline, do the exact same thing but on floor.....with the quarter of the way, etc. etc.

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    im just starting to twist too! Try a few on the trampoline. Jump up and down do a layout, while doine the layout when you spot the ground try twisting 1/2 way before you land. Then keep practicing and try twisting sooner and all the way until you get comfortable. On floor at my gym my instructor can spot fulls, so after my back handspring i twist half way into his arms, and i try to pull faster so i can do a full with a spot. But the best way i find is at first to do a lyout and when you spot the ground twist as much as you can. Don;t be scared, it's scary at first because it is a totally new concept, but after the first it's fun.

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    you should try, but I know how your scared ha. Twisting is the best part of tumbling, and once you get over it you will be so happy you have such a good pass.

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    what? is ur back hurt? if u can get to a phone, u need 2 call the hosp. but idk y twisting would disrupt something on the floor...

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