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What happend to taylor in confessions by kate brian?

I know that in untouchable taylor told reed it's all lies what they were saying about her. But what happend to her?????? Why did she erupt into tears all the time? What was the fight with Noelle about???? and Where and Why did she go???????????? Please answer. I've been drivivng myself NUTS.

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    1 decade ago
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    She erupted into tears all the time because she, Noelle, Kiran and Arianna kidnapped Thomas and stripped him naked and sort of beat him up a little and left him alone somewhere.

    Later it was discovered that someone killed him. Taylor felt guilty because she knew that Thomas's death was partially because of them, but they (Noelle said actually) cant go to the police because they were beating him up in the first place and one of 'them' killed him.

    The fight with Noelle was about wanting to tell someone.

    They didnt mention much about her after she left but it had to do with Noelle pressuring her to leave.

    All of this was in the next book Confessions I think.

    This was taken from one of my answers, its suppose to be a summary of teh whole Private series, but I cut it down as to not ruin the suspense.

    Private by Kate Brian about a lower middle-class teenage girl Reed Brennan who wins a scholarships to the illustratious Easton Private High School. In the first few books, it narrates Reed becoming a Billings Girl.

    Later Reed's boyfriend Thomas is brutally murdered on campus and later revealed to be a drug dealer. After that is mostly speculation about the murder.

    A few months or week later, Josh Hollis her new boyfriend ( who is also a schizoprenic) is arrested by the police for the murder and the details leading to his arrest were provided by Noelle Lange, the leader of the Billings.

    Just when Reed thought everything was over, her friend another Billings girl Taylor breaks down and tries to tell Reed something, afterwards she mysteriously disappeared. Noelle is believe to have forced Taylor leave the Billings.

    Hope that helps.

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