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Which is best - Virgin Atlantic or British Airways?

We have the option (as the prices are practically identical) on a flight to Boston (economy) but would like to know which you would recommend and why. Also which seats have the most leg room!!!!? Thanks

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    Virgin are 100 times better than BA. In the 15 years of working the travel industry and for airlines and business travel I have never had a complaint about Virgin but British Airways gets 100s for time keeping, service and attitdude towards passengers.

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    In my experience, British Airways and Virgin are both very good, but you get a slightly better service on Virgin. They seem more helpful to the customers, and you get a bit more leg-room. Only thing BA have on some planes a new dvd service, so you can watch anything, anytime, and pause/resume the program.

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    If you are giving the above two choices I would go for virgin atlantic anytime.

    Great service, great in flight entertainment, good hospitality, better ambiance than british airways.

    better leg room

    I would also give a suggestion to go for premium economy rather than economy if available.

    It gives around 8 inches more space and wider seats.

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    I have not heard anything bad about Virgin Atlantic. There have been mixed reviews with BA so my vote is for Virgin Atlantic. You can check out how much legroom and how wide the seats are on

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    I personally think that Ba is far the better choice. .

    Economy. My flights to New York

    When I flew on Virgin the flight was delayed. The seat itself was hard and uncomfortable it wasn't too cramped for me. The food was average, but they only give a small amount to travellers.

    When I flew BA the staff were friendly they were very attenttive. The seats were really comfy, they provided blankets and cushions, The food was nice and a larger portion to Virgin.

    Also Ba are going through an amazing change with New aircraft etc

    I have flown Ba more than Virgin and Ba have once lost our bags, but they were very quick and professional al getting them back for us, completely unharmed

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    British Airways

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    As I travel a lot and have used both airlines I prefere Virgin Atlantic more room and better service

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    I'd definitely choose Virgin, great service and good space.

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    my dad works at ba he says that virgin is better. my auntie works for virgin she says that virgin is much better go by virgin.

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    If it's just the flight you are talking about, then I would say BA.

    But they are more likely to lose your bags, so that's the risk.

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