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Armageddon vs. Turning Point?

WWE and TNA have placed both PPVs on the exact same day, December 14th. Armageddon was originally placed on Dec 21st but has been brought forward a week

Will TNA still do Turning Point on the 14th or will they be forced to change dates?



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    The is just one of the underhanded tactics Vince used to put all of the other promotions out of business in the previous two decades. Running his higher-dollar production with bigger stars in the same town (or, in this case, the same date on PPV) to attempt to steal the other promotion's paying fans. It wouldn't surprise me one bit to see him get Smackdown moved opposite TNA Impact when Smackdown switches networks.

    TNA will be forced to change the date of Turning Point or risk a huge loss of revenue. But maybe, TNA will try a head-to-head match-up, to see how they would do, and are willing to risk a no-profit PPV to see what would happen.

    I don't know or even care what each company is offering for these two shows. Because of this underhanded unethical cheap shot, I will be buying Turning Point. Even if the WWE brought back The Rock and Stone Cold and gave them both title shots at Armageddon I'm still buying Turning Point.

    With this cheap shot, Vince has just announced that he feels TNA is becoming a threat to the mighty WWE empire. I've seen this many times before. You all are going to see just what I've been talking about since I got here. If Vince wants to put TNA out of business, he will do so, using any underhanded unethical unscrupulous devious method his megalomaniacal mind can think of. It won't be pretty.

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    WWE will be forced to change their date back to the 21st. WWE should be more afraid of losing PPV purchases to TNA than the other way around.

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    Interesting information.

    Fodder that TNA was changing the date of his PPV since he it is not interested in putting just now the same day that WWE since in rating llevaria one authenticates beating

    Bye man.

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    TNA must change the date of the ppv if they are smart. The ppv would have zero buyers if they don't change dates

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  • I would think TNA would move they'res, no offence to TNA, but they're ratings may be improving, but I don't think they'll be able to outdo WWE on a PPV. Not yet anyway.

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    I think TNA will change dates. WWE will not mind the date change but TNA will

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    One of them would switch. I think TNA would because they would loose more viewers to Armageddon than Armageddon would loose to Turning Point.

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    Hopefully TNA wont be stupid and keep the date. Way to be a bully, Vince.

  • Hi, Turning point is better than Armageddon.

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