Can Fan Fiction stories be published? Are they worthy of publishing?

I mean, can they be published in real traditional magazines? (not on the internet)

I've observed that most of my schoolmates write fan fiction. Earlier today, some of them even asked me to check out

So there I was, examining their stories. I shook my head for a while-- they didn't even bother to edit and proofread their work!

In school they're all like, "Omigosh, I write fan fiction too! I've even finished 45 chapters today!" But when you read their works, IDK.

That's okay, I guess. It's nice that most of my acquaintances write. But, the thing is, there are so many teens who only write fan fiction and nothing else. I'm afraid that their works won't even be published or recognized. Worse, they'll have a hard time making their own stories.

I'm not criticizing; I'm just explaining. Even I am having a hard time writing properly so I don't have the right to do that. Making constructive ones, maybe, but not making them look and feel bad.

Could you help us out? Tell me if fan fiction can be published. Oh, please respond to my post too if you like.

Thank you so much!


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    No, the intellectual property of the world and characters the fan fiction is based on belongs to the author of the original work the fan fiction is based on. Copyright further protects the author's works. You can not sell fan fiction using someone else's creation, as simple as that. Some authors go as far as prohibiting their fans from writing fanfiction based on their creations i.e. Anne Rice.

  • Ari
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    Fan fiction can never be published (unless on a rare occasion that it's good enough and the original writer wants it to be published) Most teens write Fan fiction not to become the next New york times best seller but to simply change things around or add to a story for personal enjoyment or for people in the on line community to enjoy for no profit what so ever.

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    In general, no, fanfiction cannot be published. The copyright issues surrounding fanfiction are tricky, but the one thing everyone seems to agree on is that profiting from fanfiction is a violation. Within the fan culture, it is a big no-no and anyone who tries is likely to be jumped on by about 500 people warning them to stop. I happen to believe that not-for-profit fanfiction is fully legal, but the copyright holders don't always agree and doing anything to bring their notice down on us is not wise.

    The main exception is for works in the public domain, though there are also fanzines, as several other commenters have explained, and some larger, older 'verses do have people who read fanfiction looking for stuff that's good enough to publish as a tie-in novel.

    There is a new organization created to help fans with the legal aspect of what they do, and you might be interested in checking it out. It's called the Organization for Transformative Works.

    Speaking of the OTW, you might notice that one of the founders is Naomi Novik, a bestselling author (Temeraire series) and also a wildly popular fanfiction writer in dozens of fandoms. Aside from her, I have three or four other people on my f-list on Livejournal who got their start in fanfiction and went on to become published authors, and quite a few other people who are working on original works, myself included. Fanfiction is actually great practice for a serious writing career, if that's what you're interested in, but many other fans aren't. They write fanfiction because they love the worlds that inspire it, and never have any intention of doing anything else.

    Regarding the quality issue, is known as "the Pit" among older and more experienced fans for a reason. Most people seem to get their start there, but if you like fanfiction, you pretty quickly realize that it's about 99% cr*p and start looking for something better. Among older fans, a "beta reader," who is basically the fanfic equivalent of an agent or editor, is de rigueur before posting, especially for challenges and fic exchanges, and error-ridden writing is not tolerated. Once you've found some authors and reccers you trust, it becomes much easier to avoid the bad stuff and enjoy the good.

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    Generally no but there is a way around it. Were it written as a fan fiction but then the names and locations altered enough it may be passable as its own independant work. I'm not entirely sure if it's true but I heard Fifty Shades of Grey started out that way. The problem with this is is that most fan fictions rely too heavily on what they're fictionalizing to be an independant work.

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    If fan fiction is published, it's gotta be REALLY good, and it's got to be for something that the original owner of the copyright has no hold of, anymore. For example, Scarlett, the sequel to Gone with the Wind, is fan fiction. So are Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, Wicked, and Son of a Witch. And, technically, all of those fairy tell rewrites like Zel and Ella Enchanted are fan fiction, as well.

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    Fanfiction is legally unpublishabe.

    The important thing to reaslise is that Fan Fiction is not the writer's property. He is building a castle on someone else's land. Do you think he should be allowed to do that. Now if he does- do you think he should be allowed to rent that and earn while the landlord takes rest? Thats unfair, isnt it?

    Fanfiction writers use someone else's craeted characters and events to make up an imaginary story - according to their predictions. For them to profit on these stories will be really unfair against the original writer. It is his intellectual property and only he is justified in earning from it. For others to write and sell fanfiction is simply unscruplous..Copyright laws exist to protect this.... Some writers allow fanfiction because it gives publicity to the original work (there may be other reasons as well).

    TW K

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    Fanfiction is printed sometimes in "zines" which are sold at cost price so no profit is made.

    Writing fanfiction is a good way to learn the craft of writing and some fanfiction writers go on to write and publish original works for profit.In any case,writing can be for the sheer fun of it. One does not ask someone who loves tending their garden in their spare time,when they plan to make a living from it!

    A fanfiction story ought to be properly spellchecked and grammar mistakes corrected before being posted on an internet site.There are some good stories on if you look hard enough.

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    Well I'm a user of one of the sites you listed; nothing's wrong with te sites (not to be mean) but maybe people don't like your stories or maybe just don't want to comment. I had the same problem when I thought it was my computer or something, no one would comment on any stories until one day I finally got some nice feedback. Maybe it's just what you write about. Try writing diffrent gernes you like and think others would read, make sure you have no misspelled words or anything. Hope this helped, good luck!

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    For some TV and movie series, there are magazines specifically devoted to publishing fan fiction. These are known as fanzines. One fanzine that was well known within the science fiction community was "Trek10" which published works by fans of the various StarTrek series.

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    Any fanfiction that uses works that are in the public domain can be published, but not anything that is written about something under copyright. As a matter of fact, J.K. Rowling is currently involved in a law suit over just how much people can borrow from other works of literature that are under copyright.

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