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要盜墓迷城3的內容,意見 (英文)

要盜墓迷城3的內容,意見 (英文)


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    The film begins with a narration about the rise to power of Emperor Han, the Dragon Emperor. He conquered all his enemies, many of whom were buried under the Great Wall of China, and mastered the five elements, but could not conquer death. To that end, he sought the help of Zi Yuan, who knew where to find the secret of immortality. Han declares to his first in command, General Ming, that no man is to touch her; however, the two fell in love during their search. After Zi Yuan supposedly casts the immortality spell on Han, he ushers Zi Yuan to the balcony to watch as General Ming is pulled apart by horses. He then stabs Zi Yuan. She reveals that she has in fact cursed the Emperor and his army, turning them into terra cotta statues, and manages to escape.

    While Rick and Alex head off to fight the Emperor, Evelyn and Lin fight General Yang and Choi, who survived the missile and now seek revenge. In the ensuing battle, Yang gets caught in one of the rotating wooden cranks. Choi attempts to pull him out and refuses to let go, killing them both. During the fight Rick and Alex find themselves outmatched against the shape-shifting Emperor, and the dagger is broken during the confrontation. Rick goads the Emperor into fighting fair, and manages to plunge the dagger hilt into his heart. Alex in turn stabs him in the back, fusing the dagger within the Emperor's heart and destroying him in a brilliant explosion.

    Back at the Imhotep, Mad Dog is the new owner and the now-mortal Lin is dancing with Alex and they finally kiss. Rick and Evelyn are dancing as well. Jonathan, on the other hand, decides to move to Peru with the Eye of Shangri-La, a place he claims has no mummies. As he rides off, an on-screen caption reveals that mummies were discovered in Peru soon after.


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