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    Open and bright also amiable person


    Personally all believes on the work duty field, no matter any

    profession any position all should initiative be positive and observe

    the occupational ethics therefore I thought the good faith and the

    ability pay equal attention to, because although has the remarkable

    ability but not in the least the good faith person even if in the

    short-term brings the benefit for the company, but looked for a long

    time actually is hinders the company to grow the concealed worry.


    Personally in way one treats people on confessed for is the person

    which has the opinion, but the democracy time should have to have more

    magnanimity to listen to the others different opinion, therefore in

    friend's eye is open and bright also the amiable person.

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    I truly believe that in the business world, people should take initiatives and follow the business ethics in any position and any industry. Therefore, in my point of view, honesty and ability are equally valued. Because a competent person without the ability to be honest can bring benefits to the company in the short term but is considered as an obstacle in the long term.

    I am an opinion-oriented person, and I believe in the modern times, it is also very important to be a listener. Therefore, I am considered as an easy-going person who has the tolerance to listen to other's opinions.

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