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在軍中我有幸能夠成為預算財務士一職,辦理連隊薪餉及各種補助採購等大小事務,就像是一個穿著軍服的業務,我把它當作是我的一份工作,而我很喜歡這份工作,它讓我學到很多,例如各家店老闆做事情的方式,對客人的態度等等,往往一個小細節的疏忽就足以毀掉之前辛苦經營的一切,這是讓我感觸最深的,也讓我體會到要當一位好的業務員基本上,不僅需要專業性,敏銳的觀察力,最終的KEY POINT 往往取決於自身的態度和如何將其維繫下去的能力,今年六月初退伍了,我帶著充滿熱誠的心迎接新的開始

感謝您撥空看我的履歷 謝謝




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    I live in a family, along with my grandmother, parents, and a sister one year older than me. We live together in harmony. After graduating in the department of International trades in Tamkang University(淡江大學), I became opptomistic that I can make further contibutions to the world of international trades. In technical collage, I was studying in the department of Environmental Engineering, but it just wasn't what I had in mind. So, mid-way, I transferred into a department that was totally new. It was very frustrating at first, not knowing what the teacher said or what to do. But I told myself, this shouldn't be a problem, for I knew that there would be musch greater challenges ahead. As they say, the journey is the destination.

    During military service, I was fortunate enough to be the Budget & Finance sergeant, managing the soldier's pay and other money related jobs. Like anything else I treated it like a real job. And I liked it. I learnt alot from the job, for example, the qualities that a person must have like professionalism and observation. The main point is to do everything that is within your ability to accomplish the task that is required. My sevices terminated six months ago, and I am in open arms to welcome a new start.

    I hope that you will take time to review my resume.



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