Dub vs. Sub?

Which side are you on? Why?

Also, what do you think of the "dub vs. sub" discussion in general? (For ex: I personally think this "discussion/debate" is stupid.)


Dub means English audio.

Subs means Japanese audio with English subtitles.

(if you didn't already know this.)

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    To your first question, I'm going with dubs. Why would I want to listen to someone speak Japanese, try to keep up with reading a bunch of English writing, & miss half the actual action on the show? Simply dub them in English, let me watch the show in peace, & if the lips don't match the words, it will just remind me of my old Godzilla movies that I enjoy so much.

    To your second question, I believe this is a pointless debate, especially if referring to DVDs. After all, there's no reason DVDs of animes can't all include both dubbed & subbed versions of the show. That way, if you like subtitles, you can watch the show as you see fit, & then if you invite a friend over who is like me, you can play the dubbed version for them. Best of both worlds!

    As for animes shown on TV, you risk having a smaller audience if you play subtitled shows instead of English dubs. After all, fans who like subtitles will still often begrudgingly watch a dubbed show & gripe about it later. However, fans who hate subtitles are liable to do as I often do: turn on the show, realize it's subtitled, & not even give it a chance because of all the reading. This is exactly why I won't watch foreign films like French movies. If I wanted to watch movies in French, I'd learn French. Likewise, if I wanted to watch animes in the original Japanese, I'd learn Japanese. Most likely, I wouldn't be a fan of the animes I do enjoy if they had never been translated to English.

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    1. Which is better: b. subbed 2. When watching the series, does it depend on: c. the original Japanese language is better!!! d. except for Fruits Basket - it had a good dub and sub! 3. Why do you think dubbed is great/sucked? because the voices are normally screwed up when the dub it. 4. Why do think subbed is great/sucked? when you hear the japanese you get to hear how the director really wanted it to be like 5. What's the difference other than the obvious languages when you hear the series in both? normally the english version is different in the sense a) the voices are different than they should be b) usually in dubs they change a part of the series (such as in Captor Card Sakura they changed a few scenes) 6. Which did you hear first? a. dubbed - if pokemon/digemon/yu-gi-oh!/captor card sakura count 7. If you moved from dubbed to subbed, why? I didn't and never will - when I started watching anime (when i became an anime finatic) I started subbed, but when i was like 5 i watched what i listed about in english cause that's all they had on TV and because i couldn't read the subtitles fast enought :) 8. Do you see a war between the two? nope - not at all! 9. If you were in a war, which side would you pick? b. subbed - by far 10. Why are there major disputes between the two sides when it is so pointless? okay this war thing is kinda weird... Star if you watch any of the mainstream anime - what does this mean? what's mainstream anime?

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    It depends on who you are and where you come from. That's how opinions form around this topic. Like, for instance, if you're japanese then of course the japanese audio sounds waay better because you understand it and its cultural jokes, phrases, and undertones. Some otaku like subs just because it's closer to being raw and from the source. It is also much easier to create a dialog closer to the original in subs than in dubs where the actors have to match the lips of the animation. Then there are americans that grow up on dbz and sailor moon that prefer dubbing because the dubbers convert common japanese phrases sayings, jokes etc. into american counterparts. Also for some people it is much more enjoyable to not have to read subtitles.

    Sooo my take on the discussion? It depends on who you are.

    EDIT: and another little tidbit - the wording in dubs can be ridiculous. For instance, the actors can't say KILL you in english they have to say destroy, annhialate, etc. (if you watch dubs you'll catch that too)

    and there is much less swearing lol

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    I'm a big sub fan.

    For a long time I was a dub fan because I was lazy and didn't want to read the subtitles, but you loose part of the story in translation that way since the translators have to match the mouth movements of the characters.

    Subs are a lot nicer (though they do take some getting used to) because it is a more direct translation, and you can enjoy the original voice actors (the English ones tend to annoy me sometimes). Many Japanese are better suited for the characters, particuarly with the guys, Deidara from Naruto sounds way better in Japanese (as do pretty much ALL the male characters, although Shikamaru's English VA doesn't bother me so much), Sesshomaru and Inu-Yasha from Inu-Yasha sound better in Japanese (even Shippo isn't as annoying!) and many abscure characters such as Ahiru from Princess Tutu (Fakir's English VA is okay) and Hyate from Pretear sound way better.

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    I prefer Subs. I CANNOT stand Dubbed and often use it as a last resort.

    I love hearing the Japanese language.. Also, it's more original. It's the way the creators designed it to be.

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    Well I Personally Like Both because if its DUB you wont miss a thing but their voices sound weird(I DEFINITELY HATE NARUTO'S VOICE IN THE DUB VERSION),With subs its the original which sounds great but you might miss a thing because your too busy looking at the subs and miss action

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    definetly subbed. the voices are all natural and they didnt get some American person do the voices. subbed is also better because since anime is a japanese thing, japanese people are better suited to say the words because they know how they are supposed to sound. they are also the idea person to know how to pronounce the word. they also which order to say names. last name first, first name last. rather than the ther way around. example Kuchiki Byakuya from Bleach. Byakuya is, in fact, his first name while Kuchiki is his last name. the japanese focus on the family rather than the individual.

    BUT if i started an anime from the beginning dubbed rather than subbed then i could potentially like the dubbed better than the subbed because im used to the dubbed version. it works in reverse too, if i start an anime subbed then go to dubbed it wouldnt sound good because im used to the subbed version.

    Personally i dont think they should make anime dubbed because it takes away from what the anime is supposed to be about. Americans dont emphasize sounds, i guess i should say, like breathing and grunts (like taking a blow, grunt). they also dont emphasize yells like charging into melee yell. American yells are like 'ahhh" and the japanese is like "AHHHHHHHH!!!!!" it gives the action a little more action, if that makes sense. it makes it seem real rather than an anime because you know in real life when people are rushing into combat, that they arent going to give out apathetic little "ahhh". they are going to let out this blood-curdling scream and rush head long into battle regardless of their safety. the subbed version does that. also the music in the background goes with the subbed version better. in dubbed you get this little "ahhh" sound then all of a sudden you get this spirit-lifting or awesome-sounding music and its like wtf? in subbed you get the action-pounding screams and then the spirit-lifting or main-cahracter music. it makes SENSE.

    lol. sorry my answer is soooo long. my bad.

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    i like the subs better because its more better if you here it from the original than hearing a different language that might even not be correct as the original says so.

    also i think this is a great debate because some people like sub and some people like dub or maybe even both.

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    I prefer to watch foreign material in a subtitled format. In the case of anime, I don't watch very many made-for-Japanese-television animes, so I don't pay any attention to debates about the subject.

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    Sub all the way!!!

    I only watch dub to laugh at the voices.

    XD lol lol

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