When you read stuff like this, don't you think George Lucas will eventually make more Star Wars moves?

Here's the link:


I think he loves the characters he's created. He keeps wanting to tinker with them, modify existing movies, expand stories, and continue stories. He can't leave Star Wars alone, having already made an animated movie.

He also knows that Star Wars can still make literally billions of dollars in the future.

I am certain that he'll come up with an idea for Star Wars: Episode VII one of these days.

What do you think?

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    First off, I'm a big Star Wars fan. I have been since the original was released in 1977. Just wanted to give a little background before I answered. Yes, George Lucas loves to tinker with the characters and movies he makes. Especially Star Wars. Will he ever leave Star Wars alone? Probably not. And why should he. Its made him millions and millions of dollars and continues to do so. Have you been to Toys R Us in the last couple of weeks. If not, you should go. Theres a whole section of the store when you first walk in that is nothing but new Star Wars toys. Would they devote that much space to them if they weren't going to sell? No way!! So that tells me that theres a market for what hes selling. The Clone Wars movie came about by accident. It was just supposed to be a new animated series for Cartoon Network. However, he liked it so much that they decided to turn it into a movie with the series to follow this fall. But there will never be an Episode VII, VIII, or IX. The story of the rise and fall of Anakin Skywalker has been told. This new movie is just filling in gaps. Thats why its not Episode II 1/2. As for other Star Wars movies? Who knows? I wouldn't be surprised if he puts out another movie in the future. However, once this Cartoon Network series gets going, he's gonna focus on the live action series. Maybe he will open that with a movie. Who knows?

    Now to some of the people who answered your question. Groundshaker, why should he quit while hes ahead. Its called show BUSINESS for a reason. You don't quite while you're ahead. If people still want Star Wars, then he will keep making Star Wars. By the way, hittenmitsurugi, I would love for you to tell me how the Star Wars movies failed miserably. Even the one that most fans like the least, The Phantom Menace, is in the top 10 money makers of all time. So tell me, how over $1 Billion in worldwide box office is a miserable failure.

    But theres a larger picture here to look at. Star Wars is more than just movies. The Star Wars universe covers movies, television, books, and video games. And all are selling very well, and all have new characters, locations, and stories that make up the Star Wars universe. If you look at the big picture, you'll see how the prequel trilogy is so important. Star Wars will be around for many years to come. Get used to it.

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    If I had a nickel for every time George Lucas said he'd never make another Star Wars Trilogy....well...I'd have two nickels.

    He said he'd never do another Star Wars after the first trilogy and it looks like he's doing it again. The guy is not stupid and he knows what makes money. When he gets bored again he'll dust off some old manuscript he never made public and make three more movies.

    I'm a little disappointed with episode III because after playing the PS2 video game it seems like there there could have been a more interesting build up to Anakin's fall to the dark side.

    I didn't read the book and I wonder if parts of the movie were cut out because it was too long. I'm hoping there's a director's cut in the future that exposes more of the story.

    The answer to your question is YES. I'll bet a nickel on it.

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    Although they still brought in the money the Prequels were substandard in terms of story telling and character development. The original trilogy is still the best. Ok you would say the new ones have great special fx due to advancements in CGI animation but that's all it is. Pure eye candy, no substance. The spirit of the movie was lost because they focused more on the effects rather than good storytelling and acting. Sorry to dissapoint you but I don't think Lucas would make an episode VII because the story already ended in Return of the Jedi. It already made its full circle. He can do spin-offs like what he did with Clone Wars but thats it. See what happens when hollywood tries to market in the success of hit movies only to fail misserably because they've stretched the story too much. For example the Alien series should've stopped with Aliens by James Cameron but because hollywood wanted to make more money from that franchise they added and added stupid sequels which reuined it, the same goes true with Predator. So unless you want George Lucas to ruin himself he should just leave Star Wars as it is. FINISHED. Then he can do other stories not just be stuck with Star Wars.

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    Star wars is the kind of movie that seems like it could go on and on and if i were the creator i would not want the adventure to end so i do think that there might be more in the future... but there is a thing as to much i mean star trek is never ending and its gotten annoying so i hope star wars never gets like that!

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    while he scrubbed the plans for episodes 7-8-9, I kinda lost interest. for my area, the 1st 3, episodes 4-5-6, have been between the suitable video clips ever made. With "Empire strikes back" (#5) usually seen the suitable of those. yet for my area, the "prequels" (a million-2-3) are purely a splash above generic. And that should correctly be why he scrubbed the plans for the purely appropriate 3, understanding the regulation of diminishing returns. the main distinction became into that for the unique 3, he used quite unknown actors for the two substantial characters (Mark Hamil and Harrison Ford) and spent the huge greenbacks merchandising the seen outcomes. computerized animation made it achieveable to opposite those priorities, and as a effect, the product suffered. Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor are properly primary and great actors, yet all too often, a lesser be attentive to actor will do purely as reliable a activity, and for an excellent purchase much less money. Making one greater launch, with the crap they swept up off the cutting-room floor, purely kinda makes Lucas look prepared to me. .

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    Sorry dude, there aint gonna be no Episode VII. If you looked at the expanded universe, you'll realize that there is nothing left to do except fill in that hundreds of years gap between Legacy of the Force and the adventures of Cade Skywalker, a direct descendant of Anakin, Luke, and Ben Skywalker. mayber he will fill in the gap, but it isnt going to be a big trilogy, and will probably more like the upcoming movie.

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    I think that he should live and let die. I love the original star wars movies... But I've seen the making of them so many times it ruins the film for me now. Every time I watch it I know exactly how each scene was done. Episode 1 2 and 3 really sucked, He should just quit while he's ahead.

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    I didn't see one single thing in that interview that would make me think he is going to do more live action Star Wars movies ... more animated movies ... well if this one does as good as it could then I think we'll then see Lucas turn his guys in the animation department loose on the books of the EU (Expanded Universe). Doubt we'll see any of them go into theaters ... maybe the Thrawn Trilogy ... but direct to DVD ... that's a very real possibility. Call me a geek, everybody else does, but I just finished the book version of the new movie this morning and I think a lot of the 'haters' and 'fake fans' are going to end up with their jaws on the floor at how good this movie is going to be ... animated or not. If there has ever been a movie saga that just SCREAMS to be continued in animation it's Star Wars.

    Honestly, I can't see how you can link the phrase "He can't leave Star Wars alone" to the new movie. This movie isn't a remake or a "tweaking" of anything. It adds to and expands on the story that was told in TCN (The Cartoon Network) micro-series that came out during 2003 and 2004 to build the hype for the release of ep III.

    This new movie is exactly what most fans want ... more of the story of Star Wars as a whole. The Clone Wars have always been a mystery to fans. Even the prequel movies didn't really give us much info on them except in a very general sense ... if the micro-series hadn't been made and we went just by the movies then the Clone Wars would still be a huge "blank spot" in the story line and considering that the Clone Wars were the event that brought down the Republic and gave rise to the Empire it would be pretty sad if Lucas DIDN'T go back and tell that story. If you're saying we saw enough of the Clone Wars in the movies then all I can say is that you have a limited imagination process. Simply put at the end of ep II we see the start of the Clone Wars ... at the beginning of ep III we see what is essentially the end of the Clone Wars. There are 3 years worth of epic battles that were fought that we don't know squat about. The micro-series gave us a little peak at some of the action during the Clone Wars but a very little peak. If you're not familiar with the micro-series in a nutshell ... there were 25 five minute episodes over 2 different seasons in 2003 & 2004. The new movie and series are set in between ep 21 and ep 25 of the micro-series. It can't go past ep 25 of the micro-series because that one ends right were ep III begins. It can't be set before ep 21 because it was in ep 21 that Anakin was elevated to the rank of Jedi Knight. It has to be in that time frame because in the movie Anakin get his first apprentice.

    That being said it leaves any where from one year to a max of about two years for this movie and the series to take place in so not only does it fit in the time line but it will give us tons of info on one of the few thing about Star Wars that we don't know much about ... The Clone Wars.

    As you see in the article you posted Lucas is right now doing more "tinkering" with the 6 movies ... but the tinkering only has to do with converting the movies into 3-D. He was rumored to be considering changing the "puppet" Yoda in ep I to a CGI character but there hasn't been much on that lately. As for anymore "tinkering" with the movies ... I don't think we'll see anything more on that front. Lucas can be called many things but stupid is not one of them. He knows he has pushed fans as far as he can in respect to changing things in the OT and I doubt we will see him press his luck again.

    It is really starting to tick me off, yeah I know who cares, when people say that Lucas is just in it for the money. Do you realize that in world wide box office take the six Star Wars movies have made over 4 billion dollars ... and that's just box office ... can't even imagine what the number would be if you added in all the other stuff.

    As for him doing ep VII - IX ... I'm one of the more intense Star Wars die hard fans and I would love to see more movies but it just isn't going to happen. I need to preface my next comments with the fact that Star Wars as it was first conceived by Lucas is a billion light years away from what we ended up with. The first working "name" for the script for The Empire Strikes Back was "2 of 12" ... a reference to the fact that in the beginning there were 12 episodes. It was during the time he was writing the script for Empire that the story line went from what was to what we have now.

    He realized that he couldn't do 12 episodes so he cut it down to 9. The first trilogy was to be about the rise and fall of Anakin Skywalker ... The second trilogy was to be about the rise of Luke Skywalker and the redemption of Anakin Skywalker ... The third trilogy was to be about the "other Skywalker" that Yoda mentioned in ep V. A little know fact is that up until Lucas was writing the script for the final duel between Luke & Vader ... Leia was NOT the other Skywalker. Lucas needed a way to make Luke attack his father in a dark side fueled rage ... to solve that problem he made Leia the other Skywalker and had Vader threaten her. That one change effectively eliminated the third trilogy.

    There are many books and such out there that could be used to do ep 7 - 9 but we won't see it. It's a given fact that Lucas is known to change his mind with direction of the wind but in this case his answer has been the same since about 2 weeks after the release of ep III ... no new movies and no he wouldn't let somebody else pick up the story. His answer to this question has remained constant over 3 years ... I think he means it this time.

    May The Force Be With You ...


    To "Ivebeenthere": you really should read the book version of ep III, it answers a ton of questions that couldn't be answered in the movie due to time constraints ... when they finished filming the opening battle scene and the "crash landing" ... that scene itself was over an hour long so yeah ... much was cut out of the movie. Don't expect a "directors cut" ... and about the video games ... they don't mean squat to the movies because as soon as you make one more in the game you are no longer watching the movie Lucas made ... you're making your own.

    To "Tye S": Star Wars is the story of the Skywalker family ... if George wants to say it's Anakin's story that's fine, it is his story after all but he's been known to trip over his tongue a lot. The prequels are the story of Anakins rise and fall. The OT is about the rise of Luke and the redemption of Anakin.

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    he is most likely gonna make more cartoon movies like clone wars if it does well

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