Grammy awards..a poser award???

now since u all know what a grammy award is..i want ur opinion on this...

Do you think it is fair to nominate bands like justin timberlake..dixie chicks etc. for such awards (and also the fact that grammy awards are considered to be the highest music honour!! ) ..i mean if you want to award such artists please do so but do not call it the highest degree award. That is so disgusting to see such artists get into the hall of fame list just for putting up a few nice beats..there have been good nominations made in the past like satriani clapton etc...but still not enough is being done to honour the really good bands (who are underground)

Also what do you think about fests like Ozzfest (ozzy osbourne), Gigantour (dave mustaine) and G3 (joe satriani) ?..Dont you think it'll be nice to give awards to bands/artists who take part in these fests??

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    1 decade ago
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    i am mad at the grammys for a few reasons. first off, they dont show all the awards, just the pop music awards. also, i think the grammys is a straight up popularity contest. heres why i think so:

    unlike some people, i read all the awards given, specially the hard rock one and the metal one. in hard rock tool's song "the Pot" lost to a more popular foo fighters song. in metal, machine heads "asthetics of hate" lost to a more popular slayer song.

    i dont know if anyone else thinks so, but that stinks like a popularity contest to me.

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    The Grammy awards haven't been good for a long time, since like mentioned before, they only consider the tastes of 12 year old girls who consider the Jonas Brothers to be the greatest band ever,

    I think it's about time a new type of awards show came out, for actual decent music, and not just the number one pop hit on the radio.

  • They only name the "majority" of the and popularity which is what most like 12 year olds are listening to oh well like Ozzy or anyone else actually strive to get a Grammy

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