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On you're iTunes (or whatever)....

which artists do you have the most songs by...

I have 49 incubus songs, 44 Led Zeppelin, and 33 John Mayer.

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    i have about 1,500 of john mayer's (since i also collect his live shows from 2001 to present), 600+ by dave matthews band's and about 100+ of eric clapton's.

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    I like some variety.. :D So not much of the same.

    30 My Chemical Romance songs

    5 Paramore songs

    8 Panic! At the Disco songs

    They are mostly CD's.. :P

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    I have 37 songs by Frankie J

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    I have more than 500 of 80's songs from different singers & bands, including rock, new wave, retro disco, etc.

    and lots and lots of house, trance, techno.... in total I have more than 1000 songs... I know thats a lot... :c)

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    Chris Cornell (Audioslave, Soundgarden, Chris Cornell combined) - 99

    The Who - 81

    Guns N' Roses - 75

    Pink Floyd - 75

    T.I. - 69

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