Would Chris Martin be a bit more agreeable if he calmed down a little?

I didn't mind ''Talk', and I hate to admit it but the first couple of singles off the new Coldplay album are quite catchy.

OK, actually a bit of an achievement.

However could we all take Chrissy a bit more seriously if he just simmered down a bit?

He never quite manages to pull off 'menacing' and his attempts to rock out on a piano are about as dangerous as sponge cake.

He's already got my chick.

Time to chill?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Parachutes and Rush of Blood to the Head are pretty hard albums to beat.

    But if Chris 'simmered down a bit' then he wouldn't be interesting.

    Especially when a lot of the new music is crap like Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers.

    Unfortunatly, other bands, like Weezer, have lost their edge. Instead of being a nerdy punkish band, to me they just sound old and done. (only on their newest album)

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