Is it true that people can get severely injured and even die when there is a big crowd running? Sounds like BS

My friend told me something that sounded like BS. He is like a crowd running your way (like a stampede of people or some crap) can kill a person or something and it is very dangerous. Wtf! Ok, I can imagine a big crowd running toward you're and you're to stupid to run and you accidentally fall getting a little injured but then you get up and start running again. I dk! I can imagine a little injury but very dangerous. I don't believe that. And I seriously doubt it could kill you. Is this even a common occurence. I'd think the people running into that person would be smart enough to stop before they knock him over

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    Before I answer, let me say (in all honesty and with no sarcasm) that I'm glad you don't believe everything you hear and you're searching for the truth. This, however, is not BS - in a moment of panic, you could slip and fall and get trampled, resulting in minor or major injury, even death.

    Think about it:

    You're in a full movie theater. A fire breaks out. Everyone rushes the main and two fire exits. But one or all of the doors don't open! You could get crushed in the throng or trampled if you fall or are knocked to the floor. How well do you think a 60 lb child would do with 150 lb adults running over top? Or even a 120 lb teenager?

    I've included some links in the sources section for a recent and semi-recent events that have resulted in deaths.

    Source(s): August 4, 2008: Children trampled as 145 die in Hindu temple stampede January 12, 2006:Hundreds killed in Hajj stampede February 2, 2004: 244 trampled to death in pilgrimage Stadium Disaster (chronological listing)
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    Well, yes it is true. And it does happen quite frequently, in Hajj. Surprised ? It happens exactly in the same way you described. There are something around 2 million people in one place. Can you imagine that at all ? How could you stop and not to step over a fallen person when you are being pushed by a million fellows ? Just google it out about 'Stampedes in Hajj' if you have any doubts.

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    It is true and you can get killed. It happened at The Who concert back in 1979 and 11 people died. A few years ago here in Chicago there was a stampede at a nightclub and 21 people died.

    If you fall down and hundreds of people are running over you and stepping on you, there's probably no way you would be able to get up.

    Google it, there's a lot of these incidents.

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    Yeah, it's happened before at a concert a few years back. Think about it. If you were to fall down and a crowd of people just kept stepping on you to the point where you couldn't get up, it could break your limbs or knock you unconscious. If someone were to step on your throat it could crush your trachea and you'd die. It's definitely possible...haven't you ever watched The Lion King??

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    Of course its true, he is probably referring to what just happened the other day at the buddhist festival where lots of children and others died from being crushed in a stampede. There where thousands of people gathered and they thought a landslide was happening so they all panicked at once and started to run down this narrow passage to escape, ppl where falling over and being crushed.

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    if the crowd is manifesting crowd mentality there is no regard for the welfare of others -- the crowd will move and stampede over another as if they were already dead.

    I was told that crowds who are protesting in Thailand get this way very easily. That is why they get frightened whenever a demonstration gathering happens.

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    Are you kidding? Think of a panic situation in which people are running out of a building during a fire. Do you not think people would get trampled to death?

    Similar situations have occurred at concerts and sporting events where there was so much hard pushing in a crowd that people died from being trampled and squeezed to death.

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    Of course it can happen and it has happened many, many times before. In stampedes, people can be pushed by gigantic crowds. If someone trips, people all around are usually unaware and shoved over the person, trampling them to death. Many people have died like this.

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    i do think it can happen when dealing with lots of people and mass chaos

    i remember back maybe 20 years ago there were people crushed to death at a soccer game cuz people were pushing and shoving so bad

    i know that's a long time ago, but it's the only thing that came to mind

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    anything is possible, and if i remember you skull can only handle like 200lbs of direct pressure, so if someone has momentum from running, and were to step on your head, i guess youd go

    if i remember there was something like this at a concert on the east the building caught on fire and everyone rushed out and the coroners found some bodys stomped to death...

    wasnt it like shark? or white shark? or great shark.... great white! iir

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